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Is PUBLC Search Engine Worth Signing Up For?

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There’s a new search engine called PUBLC.com on the market that is worth signing up for, and it is not Google. Its motto is to help elevate user experience and discovery of content that is not limited by SEO. Publishers, Bloggers and Content Creators monetize simply by sharing.

PUBLC Search Engine

If you are looking for a new avenue to share your content and reach new audiences aside from Facebook or paying for Google Ads, consider PUBLC.
PUBLC built this web space to maximize your content’s reach and enable you to categorize it by how you want to find it.

NO SEO – You Categorize Your Content

There is no SEO. You are in control of indexing your content to the related topics and search terms that best describe it.

  • No more keyword stuffing into your content.
  • No need to worry about how many backlinks you have
  • Focus on the quality of your content.

How To Monetize on PUBLC – Crytocurrency For Publishers

Have you ever wondered why you are making so little from ad revenues on your blog? Or hate ad pop-ups on your screen because it diminishes your experience and enjoyment when reading a blog post? Raise your hand! I!

I have signed up for PUBLC for less than month and have made over $30 USD. I have a friend that has made over $200 USD. He is more active at sharing content than I am.

You may think $30 USD is not a lot. For some bloggers, it is more than they have ever made thru ad revenue. The more you share and engage with users. The quicker you will earn!

Every time a user clicks and views your content you get rewarded for it. It is that simple.

What are PUBLC Tokens and How Do Monetize My Blog?

Everyone’s contributions are rewarded: content creators, users, brands, personalities

PUBLC launched PUBLX. It is their own ERC-20 token on Ethereum blockchain.

Ethereum is a decentralized, open-source blockchain featuring smart contract functionality. Ether is the native cryptocurrency of the platform. It is the second-largest cryptocurrency by market capitalization, after Bitcoin.

PUBLC Tokens are given to the PUBLC ecosystem (namely publishers and content creators who have signed up) who take part in this new Search Engine web space. They in turn earn 90% of all the tokens distributed.

As a early user, your potential to earn more revenue is greater. There is less people sharing the pie so to speak.

Revenue Distribution Through Usage

Tokens are distributed for actions that represent value, measured by clicks on content, rewarding all the people that took part in that content and helped it get found.

As a Publisher, you have the potential to earn 40% to 70% of every dollar.

publc revenue distribution https://publc.com/nomss.com

Is It Difficult To Sign Up?

You do not need to sign up to become an user to ‘surf the web.’

However, if you want to become a Publisher and start earning revenue than you will need to sign up for a PUBLC account. Remember, you earn tokens (money) every time some one first clicks on your post!

It is easy to register for a PUBLC account. Once approved, you will have access to your User Dashboard.

How To Verify Your Publisher Page

There are two methods to verify your Publisher Page: add a HTML tag, or add a DNS record. The easiest way I found was to install the plugin entitled “Insert Headers and Footers” on WordPress. You can follow their instructions here.

Once your Publisher Page is verified, you will have your own URL: https://publc.com/nomss.com.

Contents on your website are crawled daily and uploaded to your dashboard. You will be able to share your content and blog posts via PUBLC, Twitter, Facebook or any other social apps by clicking the “Share” button and copy the link.

Share this link with your Super Fans and have them engage with your content!

How Do I Withdrawal Tokens and Deposit It To My Account?

PUBLC uses Uniswap Exchange to faciliate the conversion between USD and PUBLX tokens. Withdrawing isn’t hard but I takes a few practices and maybe a little time to wrap your head around this new world of crytocurrencies. You can follow the instructions here.

You will also need to use Metamask. This is a third party wallet that allows you to trade PUBLX tokens to Ethereum.

It is VERY IMPORTANT that you remember or write down your Blockchain signature. Do not forget this 12 word password. Please keep it in a safe place!

Yay! You have received your tokens! What’s next?

  • Exchange it on Cryptocurrency exchanges, learn more here.

What are you waiting for? Get started now! Sign Up Here.


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