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Fraiche Restaurant West Vancouver | Chef Campaign

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Rewind back to May 2012 after our suave dining experience at Fraiche Wednesday Wine Series: Okanagan Crush Pad evening courtesy of Miss604, we were delighted to be back after winning an exclusive 3-course meal pass during their Fraiche Restaurant West Vancouver with Chef Campaign from Vaneats.

Fraiche Restaurant West Vancouver dining pass consisted of a sit down meal for me, myself and I. Understand this was a prize and perhaps I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth but the catch was your dining partner would be upsold a Tasting Menu (mine to match if successful).

The 3-course dining pass included:

  • Chef Alvarez’ Signature Ceviche Creation
  • Halibut: fresh peas & Ajo blanco or Flat Iron Steak: fingerling potatoes and red win au jus
  • Sticky Toffee Pudding: Jack Daniel toffee sauce or Brown Butter Apple Tart: apple cider foam.

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The night started off with uncomfortably as our experience was sourly tainted with inconsiderate patrons who clearly does not understand basic fine dining etiquette and simple mannerism. Apparently, common sense is not so common.



We witnessed a woman talking on her cellphone (part of which on speakerphone) throughout the whole dining experience, which makes me deeply question why the restaurant staff did nothing even when this disturbance was raised.



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Nonetheless, I was ecstatic to be back at Fraiche Restaurant West Vancouver to test out Executive Chef, Jefferson Alvarez culinary skills again; however, the Chef was not in the house on Sunday night. Complimentary hors d’œuvre served with crispy bread chips sprinkled with roasted sesame. I really liked the crunchiness and the playfulness.




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Chef Alvarez’ Signature Ceviche Creation: a tropical array of citrus and pineapple with fresh tuna.

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Halibut: fresh peas & Ajo blanco. Since we tried the Flat Iron Steak last time, it only made sense to try their fish. Slightly overcooked it still had a golden exterior with a nice nice crisp. The cold white garlic soup used as a sauce was light. Served with green peas and seasonal veggies.



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Open faced lobster and Saffron Raviolli: fennel and white wine sauce 32. We ordered this as an addition. The ingredients were fresh and there was a lot of lobster provided. However, the raviolli skin blanketing ontop didn’t really sing to us. It felt more like a noodle than an raviolli. We much preferred if the ingredients could be stuffed into and have the greens on the side along with the sauce. The sauce is delcious with cream, tomatoe juices and saffron.


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Sticky Toffee Pudding: Jack Daniel toffee sauce: Best sticky toffee pudding ever! I told you we’d be back for this. This time it is even more beautiful than I remember it. Served with pretty aloe vera jellies and ice cream. Warm. Melting. Delicious.


In the end, we hurried out of the restaurant simply because we could not endure the noise from the oblivious woman yapping on her cellphone. I wonder if her date was really that dry to talk with.
Fraiche Restaurant on Urbanspoon
2240 Chippendale Road West Vancouver, BC V7S 3J5
(604) 925-7595



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