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Torafuku Vancouver | Lunch Menu

Torafuku in Vancouver’s Chinatown is now open for lunch service and I’m very excited. I’ve been a fan of this “Lucky Tiger” since it started as an Asian Fusion food truck “Le Tigre”. I’ve been here for events and during Dine Out Vancouver – not once had I’ve been disappointed. If you’ve been following @instanomsson Instagram, then you would have already seen the IG stories and how delicious the food is.

Lunch Service is available Tuesday to Sunday from 11:30 am to 2:30 pm. The lunch menu offers a great selection of entrees and side dishes ensuring you get a little of everything. You can make any entree into a combo with your chose of sides and a drink for $4.50 more. If you are greedy like me and want it all – it is $16 or $10 for 3 sides.

Torafuku Beef Noodle Soup 15: Limited quantities daily – This Taiwanese beef noodle consists of sake braised beef shanks, 72 hours broth, hand-pulled noodles, bok choy, soft poached marinated egg and pickled mustard. This classic sells out every day so be sure to call ahead to save yourself a bowl! This is one of my favourite and the best beef noodle soup in Vancouver!

Pro Tip: to add an extra level of depth and flavour complexity to your beef noodle soup, be sure to ask the chef for the jar of beef fat and extra pickled mustard. SO GOOD! WORTH THE CALORIES!

There are 6 different rice options to chose from between $12 and $13. Their rice bowls are described as “Awesomeness in a Bowl” and each bowl features their signature “Kickass Rice” – cooked in sake, butter and dashi and served with pickled cabbed, mixed herbs and topped with a perfectly poached egg.

  • Pork Belly Rice – Kickass Rice with Kakuni Pork Belly
  • Fried Chicken Rice – Kickass Rice with Fried Crispy Chicken
  • Crack Salad Rice – Kickass Rice with Crack Salad
  • Rice 1/2 – Kickass Rice with Fried Crispy Chicken and Kakuni Pork Belly
  • Chicken + Crack Rice – Kickass Rice with Fried Crispy Chicken and Crack Salad
  • Pork + Crack Rice – Kickass Rice with Pork Belly and Crack Salad

All are good options. The Fried Crispy Chicken is lightly coated with a crispy crunchy outside and a tender juicy inside. The Kakuni Pork Belly is tender, rich and moist – perfect when you are looking for something a little more filling for lunch.

Crack Salad 11: Brussel sprouts, cauliflower, broccoli, kale, parmesan and lemon. This salad is so good you simply can not have one bite. I love the crispy leaves, cheesy parmesan brightened with a punch of lemon juice. I would eat this on its own. I would eat this with rice.

Side Dishes Menu 3.75 each

Tomato: yuzu plum powder marinaded tomato, shiso, red onion

Cucumber: cucumber agar agar, radish, Kuan Mama’s vinaigrette

Lotus Root: Soy braised lotus root, miso ricotta cheese, green onion

Eggplant: Szechuan marinaded eggplants, crispy rice

Mushrooms: King oyster mushroom tempura, kimchi

If I had to pick just one, I would highly recommend the lotus roots with their miso tofu ricotta cheese. Although you may think the flavour combination is strange, trust me, it works! And it is absolutely delicious!

Working out of the back kitchen of Torafuku is Buttermere Patisserie. We were treated to freshly baked Taiwanese Pineapple Cake. I liked the small teaser size where I can fool myself that I can eat just one. The pineapple cake is made with both pineapple and winter melon for a less sweet and delicate flavour profile. The crust is light without the heavy butter-ness commonly found in #鳳梨酥 !!

I was invited by Torafuku for a menu tasting. All opinions are my own.FOLLOW:

Torafuku Vancouver 寅福
URL: http://torafuku.ca
Cuisine: Asian, Fusion, Izakaya

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 5:30 p.m – 11:00 p.m

958 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W1
(778) 903-2006

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