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Okonomiyaki, Dotonbori Street, Osaka, Japan 道頓堀大阪日本

For any foodie, street food is an essential part of their diet and exploration. It is always important to change it up. Consuming the same cuisine or food group becomes repetitive and simply boring. That’s why it is so good when you travel! Not only for sanity reasons away from work, but also to sample how people outside of home cook. I am grateful for my travel excursions and my book of spectacular culinary adventures ex. travel diary…
japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 101

Let’s begin this Nippon food tour with Osaka. Even though Osaka was not my first stop, the street food definitely left a dent in my memory! Getting around is not always easy. My limited knowledge of high school Japanese did me no good. I was rusty and could barely read Hiragana.

japan dotonbori osaka 301


Eating on the street is not considered rude. In fact it is quite enjoyable if you are able to find that scrumptious food cart! That niche on the street that everyone is crowding over (sometimes it is not always the best choice, but because it is cheap. But that is another story.)

japan dotomburi osaka 201

japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 003

Japan is no exception. Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 in Osaka 大阪, is one of the famous principal tourist destination. It runs beside the Dōtonbori canal (between the Dōtonboribashi Bridge / Nipponbashi Bridge.)

japan dotomburi osaka 204

japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 006

This area hosts some really great street food, shops and restaurants. Vibrate scene everywhere!

japan dotomburi osaka 202

Please try a crab dinner set! It is really delicious!

To the south of Dotombori (towards Nankai Namba station, you will find a maze of colorful arcades, neon signs, electronic displays line the streets with more restaurants, panchinko parlours, etc. To the north (between Mido-suji and Sakai-suji, your will find narrow streets crowded with bars, discos, and pubs.)

japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 001

japan dotomburi osaka 203

The Okonomiyaki food stand is located central on the street almost before you cross the overpass bridge to the giant WEGO store.

japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 002

Across the food stand also selling takoyaki and grilled squid.

japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 010

Okonomiyaki (aka Japanese noodle pizza) main ingredients are egg, cabbage, Aonori (Seaweed Flakes), Panko (Tempura bits), noodles and other toppings that you fancy.

japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 009

Grilled upon a large teppan iron griddle to cook food.
japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 008

The pizza is made to order with a few variations. Mainly as additions of chives, bacon bits, mayo, and extra egg.
japan Dōtonbori Street 道頓堀 osaka 007

For a ¥500 yen it was pretty tasty.

The noodle crust started to get soggy with sauce after awhile, so sure to consume fast!
japan dotomburi osaka 206
Enjoy a piknik orange juice on the bridge if the day is nice. A lot of people watching available!
Note that it was quite heavy for one person to finish.


Travelling to Japan was quite the experience in terms of food and an amazing destination. Similarly for Great Turkish Holiday Food and stunning photography opportunities I would love to go to Turkey. Click here to check out some holiday deals.


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