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Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee Espresso Machine Review

[vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][image_with_animation animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″ image_url=”10022″][image_with_animation animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″ image_url=”10021″][image_with_animation animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″ image_url=”10030″][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_column_text]Nespresso VertuoLine Coffee & Espresso Machine is amazing. It is like having my own barista at home. On Demand. This machine is one of the best kitchen essentials toys. It has saved me many trips to the coffee shop. The Nespresso Vertuoline machine makes both coffee and espresso that tastes as good as a high end coffee shop.

There are a lot of single serve coffee machines in the market. One of the biggest benefit from single serve coffee machine is the convenience and time saving. I like pressing a button and being served coffee in less than a minute. However, I have tried various models from different companies over the years but have been underwhelmed by the quality. The problem with most single serve coffee machine is that flat tasting brew it makes. This is not the case with the Nespresso Vertuoline Coffee and Espresso Machine.

The Nespresso brew one mean cup of coffee. Nespresso VertuoLine Coffees are strong and rich with crema. Cream is naturally formed during the brewing process. Cream is enabled with Nespresso’ Centrifusion™ technology.

The best part – it brews in under a minute![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][image_with_animation image_url=”10040″ animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″][vc_column_text]We purchased the Nespresso Vertuoline with Aeroccino Frother for $349 from Hudson’s Bay online while activating my Ebates account to earn Cash Back. Sign up and you can earn up to 6% cash back just for shopping online. I was dying for the Nespresso since it released earlier in June. But wanted to wait until we moved into our new home after Dave and I we got married. Yes! Consider this a newly wed present to ourselves.

Nespresso has been making coffee machines for a long time. They are extremely popular in Europe and is currently making waves into Canada and the United States.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][image_with_animation image_url=”10025″ animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″][vc_column_text]The Nespresso Vertuoline product line clearly is here to compete with Keurig 2.0, ICoffee, Tassimo, and other single serve machines. The Vertuoline brews both coffee and espresso that is highly aromatic and smooth.

The coffee machine comes with a sample box of 12 capsules. 8 coffee capsules and 4 espresso capsules. Each capsule contains a different flavor and range of intensity: mild to bold. There are two flavored capsules: vanilla and hazelnut. There is also one decaffeinated capsule and one half-caffeine capsule. There is something to for everyone.

  • Coffee capsule: 230 ml / 7.77oz at $1.10 CAD each
  • Espresso capsule: 40 ml / 1.4oz at $0.85 CAD each

Each brew is highly aromatic and smooth. The gourmet coffee blends is carefully balanced and roasted to deliver the ultimate quality coffee.

I find Stormio and Odacio coffee capsules too strong. I will add additional hot water and cream to it to make it a 12 oz coffee. This is perfect to take with me to work in a thermos cup.

Each capsule costs approximately a dollar. It is cheaper than getting a Venti Dark at Starbucks for $2.57! You save about 1.50 per coffee. Which equals a saving of $10 each week!

$535 savings annually! In a year, you will have earned yourself the cost of the Nespresso Vertuoline and more![/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][image_with_animation image_url=”10024″ animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″][vc_column_text]The Nespresso VertuoLine uses an unique method called Centrifusion technology. Centrifusion spins the capsule to extract the coffee flavor. Comparatively, other single serve coffee machine simply punctures a hole in the capsule and inject hot water to flush out a brew from water pressure.

The Centrifusion technology spins at 7000 RPMs while the hot water shoots into the coffee capsule.

Each Grand Crus Nespresso capsule has a bar code on the outer perimeter of the capsule. The machine reads the bar code and determines the right brewing method.

The capsule for brewing coffee is higher for 230 ml / 7.77oz. Versus the espresso capsule volume is just 40 ml / 1.4oz.

Each brew is highly aromatic and smooth. The gourmet coffee blends is carefully balanced and roasted to deliver the ultimate quality coffee.

I find Stormio and Odacio coffee capsules too strong. I will add additional hot water and cream to it to make it a 12 oz coffee. This is perfect to take with me to work in a thermos cup.[/vc_column_text][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_raw_html]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[/vc_raw_html][divider line_type=”No Line”][image_with_animation image_url=”10032″ animation=”Fade In” img_link_target=”_self” img_link=”http://www.amazon.ca/gp/product/B00MAT6H3S/ref=as_li_ss_tl?ie=UTF8&camp=15121&creative=390961&creativeASIN=B00MAT6H3S&linkCode=as2&tag=nomss-20″][vc_column_text]The top of the machine lifts up for the capsule to be placed. After it is finished, as you lift the lid open, the capsule automatically slides back and dispenses into the disposal bin on the right had side.

The Nespresso Vertuoline has a removable water reservoir on the left side that holds 1.2 liters of water. That is plenty for multiple coffee brews. Since the water tank is made from clear plastic, you can see your water level anytime!

Using the Nespresso Vertuoline coffee machine is very easy. Simply place the capsule in the machine, close the lid, lock it and press a button. It only takes about 10 seconds to preheat! The coffee icon will be blinking. Once the button on top of the machine displays a steady light, the machine is ready to go.

The Nespresso Vertuoline coffee maker is such a great investment. You won’t regret it. I can’t explain how much I love this machine. Now I can hit that snooze button one more time![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_video link=”https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yo40pcEfbPE”][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][vc_column_text]Where to buy Nespresso Vertuoline

[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row][vc_row][vc_column width=”1/1″][divider line_type=”No Line”][vc_raw_html]JTNDYSUyMGhyZWYlM0QlMjJodHRwJTNBJTJGJTJGd3d3LmRwYm9sdncubmV0JTJGY2xpY2stNzU2NTQwNC0xMTk1MDcwNSUyMiUyMHRhcmdldCUzRCUyMl90b3AlMjIlM0UlMEElM0NpbWclMjBzcmMlM0QlMjJodHRwJTNBJTJGJTJGd3d3LmZ0amNmeC5jb20lMkZpbWFnZS03NTY1NDA0LTExOTUwNzA1JTIyJTIwd2lkdGglM0QlMjI3MjglMjIlMjBoZWlnaHQlM0QlMjI5MCUyMiUyMGFsdCUzRCUyMkZyZWUlMjBzaGlwcGluZyUyMG9uJTIwb3JkZXJzJTIwb2YlMjAlMjQ5OSUyMG9yJTIwbW9yZSUyMGF0JTIwVGhlQmF5LmNvbSUyMiUyMGJvcmRlciUzRCUyMjAlMjIlMkYlM0UlM0MlMkZhJTNF[/vc_raw_html][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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