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Bubble Fruity Richmond 桂花林馳名甜品 | Fresh Mango Pomelo Sago Coconut

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Sometimes after consuming too many cakes and cookies I feel that my taste buds requires me to touch base with my Eastern heritage with some Chinese desserts. Sadly there is not an abundance of dessert places in Vancouver (even Richmond) that features traditional dessert soups, puddings, and dumplings… With the few that are available not everyone does it right. Luckily, Bubble Fruity Richmond 桂花林馳名甜品 came to the rescue. Situated on Saba Road, just off from Richmond Centre, Bubble Fruity brings nostalgic childhood memories. The shop is brightly colored in green and orange. A simple hideout without a lot of fuss. This “mom and pop” shop has magazines, big screen TV, and bubble tea available for you to gather…

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Their dessert menu has quite a bit of variety. From your basic Coconut Sago Soup 椰汁西米, Mango Sago Cream 楊枝甘露, to Almond 生磨杏仁糊 , Sesame Paste Soup 芝麻糊… to Dumplings with Wine 酒釀丸子. The portions are hefty and soups are not watery (some places water it down to save a few bucks, but certainly doesn’t keep loyal customers). Aside from sweets, there are also savory snacks – pork cutlet noodles, sandwiches, and thick toasts. Something for everyone! Even if you don’t have a sweet tooth!

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Fresh Mango, sago and grass jelly (extra mango) 新鮮芒果西米涼粉 +鮮芒果: big chunks of mango. You can request extra mango also!

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Fresh Philippine mangoes are delightful and sweet. Sago cooked perfectly and paired intimately with grassjelly (aka Herbal Jelly 仙草) FTW (for the win)! TIP: Always ask for extra mangoes. It is so delicious!

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Black sticky rice with coconut milk 椰汁黑糯米: Black glutinous rice warms the heart and is perfect for the winter months. The coconut milk balances out an otherwise filling soup.

If you ever have a chance to come here , be sure to also try the Mango Pomelo Sago Cream 楊枝甘露! Wish I had taken a picture for you, but every time I come here, I simply devour it like no tomorrow!

Bubble Fruity 桂花林馳名甜品
Cuisine: Desserts/Ice Cream, Chinese, Bubble Tea
Hours: Noon – Midnight

180-8188 Saba Road
Richmond, BC V6Y4E2
(778) 297-6820

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