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The Appetizer: Dessert First | Cake is Always a Grand Idea!

L'Opera Patisserie Dessert Afternoon Tea Richmond

Some of the sexiest places in Paris is their Pastisserie. While the Eiffel Tower is dreamy, and day dreaming an escape to the winding cobblestone street at church hill crest of Basilica of Sacre-Coeur is romantic; or being lost next to a Foreign Sexy Accent at Musee du Louvre is charming – musing over Pierre Herme’s modern confections, techniques and flavors is still slightly more satisfying!

The gorgeous cafes of gold foiled wallpaper, fireplace, chandeliers and patios is picturesque. I love the concept of dessert first. Cake, really is the perfect appetizer (especially when taken leisurely).

I will also never understand why people always consume dessert at the end of their meals. Instead of starting your meal with the same-same Normcore salad, entree, and then dessert; Why not start your dining experience with some decadent and sinful cake first?

One of my favorite cake is the Raspberry Charlotte. Fresh raspberry topped with a heavy cream filling infused with rose. The taste is subtle but it is very fragrant. The Ladyfingers are soft with a light crunch. The tartness of the berries is perfect to balance some of the sweetness and the richness of cream itself.

My challenge is not to over-stuff that hyper-extended stomach over a three-course meal, just so I can make room for a classic strawberry cheese cake served on a graham wafer crust, but to simply eat to just fill that one stomach. The second stomach is a unicorn. It does not exist. My second challenge is to order the rest of my meal in small portions, just so my next steaming-cult-like-session at Bikram is less guilty. Thay way, I can be at peace with my hallucinations of a window full of glorious gateaux transitioning to the next Trikanasana pose.

Common’ as if you need a reason to eat cake! Having cake is always a grand idea!


This article was featured on National Post: Life.

L'Opera Patisserie Dessert Afternoon Tea Richmond





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