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Top Home Renovation Must Haves | Personalize Your Condo

Top Home Renovation Must Haves | Personalize Your Condo

Living out of a suitcase for the past months was really fun! Guessing which box had my shirts was also an exercise. But now that we’ve gotten our keys to our apartment, it’s time to personalize it! Although it is a brand new building, there are a few things you can do to make it your own. Like a splash of paint color or changing the light fixture. Some of our friends was like, ‘why are you painting?’ or they would be like ‘have you move in yet?’ Regardless, it is easier to make minor upgrades in an empty space than with a room full of furniture. I wish our home comes with all the bucket list items like one would hope for in Love it or List it / Property Brothers. But as exhausting as it it, it is really fun! So what is our list of simple top home renovation must haves to make our place “Kinfolk as f#ck”?



Fresh White Paint

Before painting our condo white, I didn’t know how many shades of “white” there was. Talk about 50 shades of white: blue undertone, yellow undertone, green undertone… The list goes on! We literally spent over an hour at Home Depot and brought swatches home to ‘test’. But a fresh white coat of paint brightens a space like no tomorrow! With lots of natural light, your space can be a sanctuary just like Starr Hout’s (cofounder of Apiece Part fashion label’s) bedroom.



Gourmet Kitchen Faucet

This Trinsic Pro from Delta is a pull down spring spout kitchen faucet that has all the bells and whistles. It is a conversation piece when friends visit. I love that it has Touch2O® Technology so when my hands or full or extremely dirty, I don’t have to touch the spout or handle. And have you ever burnt yourself with running hot water because you forgot you turned it on hot? Well this puppy has TempSense LED light that indicates water temperature! So smart! Similar one here.


Statement Lighting

Most new buildings do not even provide you will a dining room light anymore. To fill the empty space with character, I love this antique brass mobile chandelier. It adds dramatic effect effortlessly! The contemporary shape help keeps the space modernize. While Edison style LED bulbs finishes this look to perfection. It has adjustable arms and hanging height. Similar one here.


Closet Organizers

I didn’t realize I was such a hoarder until I had to move. I donated so many bags of clothes but still manage to take up a lot of closet space. This Ikea Algot closet organizer is perfect adding additional shelving in our walk in closet. I like the stylist minimalist look and it ties in well with this stained oak effect and white 3 drawer chest.


Green Plants and Flowers

Add a bit of greenery to a rather white space. It not only helps regulate the air but also adds livens up the place. I love fiddle leaf fig trees. Any west or south facing window is best. And like succulents, fig trees are super easy to care for. Allow soil surface to dry in between waterings.


We can’t wait to show you our apartment just yet. But if you follow us on Instagram, you can see our progress. For now, here are 5 Essential Kitchen Gadgets for Holiday Entertaining.

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