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The Juice Truck Juice Cleanse | 3 Day Juice Cleanse Review

Juice Truck Juice Cleanse Cold Press Juice Diet Health Detox


One of my 2014 goals was to try a juice cleanse, eat healthy and go to the gym. The juice cleanse started as a means to kick start my wedding diet and to undo all the holiday turkey weight accumulated. My juice cleanse of choice was from the local Vancouver company called The Juice Truck. Those who have been following me on Nomss, knows that we have been long time fans of Zach and Ryan. They are extremely friendly and their products are well researched and formulated with their Registered Holistic Nutritionist Eden Elizabeth to support.

I chose to do the The Juice Truck 3 Day Juice Cleanse to give my body a break from unhealthy food, dehydration, and general excess. This detox diet are cold press juices made from Hydraulic Cold Press which delivers nutritional enzymes from the fibres of the produce. Using a hydraulic press ex. cold press method, the juice does not decay as fast; therefore, providing higher mineral content.

The Juice Truck Juice Cleanse is similar to the Blueprint cleanse. It is a liquid diet. The three day juice cleanse recipes are designed to to provide the potent and powerful cleansing system inherit in each of our bodies. Juice cleanse diets provide incredible healing power and colon cleanse to flush out impurities. The goal of this juice diet is not to lose weight fast, but to renew and rebalance your body, improve digestion and reduce inflammation! The Juice Truck Juice Cleanse is based on a 2000 calorie diet per day.

  • No concentrates
  • No preservatives
  • No sweeteners, coloring, or additives
  • Only real fruit and vegetables
  • All natural flavors, vitamins, and nutrients
  • Unpasteurized


Juice Truck Juice Cleanse

So what happened on my Juice Truck 3 Day Juice Cleanse?

After placing your order online, select the date you wish to start your Juice Cleanse and your nicely packaged cold press juices will arrive the night before at your doorsteps! Local Vancouver delivery times approximately 7-9pm and pick up time at their office 5-7pm.

Before going on a juice cleanse you should consider a pre-clean: Slowly remove / reduce the following for your diet.

  • Candy, chocolate bars and bags of chips
  • Greasy take-out foods
  • Wheat products such as bread and pastry
  • Alcohol
  • Tobacco
  • Coffee
  • Fatty foods
  • Milk and cheese
  • Red meat, chicken and pork (yes, that includes bacon).
  • Recreational drugs

Juice Truck Juice Cleanse

How to do a juice cleanse?

Each day consists of 7 bottles of carefully formulated cold press juices to deliver mega amounts of nutrients which can absorb instantly. Three packets of chia seeds are also provided for your add a little to eat juice or to chew on. I personally recommend to let the chia seeds to bloom for 5 minutes inside each drink. This will keep you fuller and more satiated. On Day 3, there is a bottle of Bio-K which is meant to be taken in the middle of the day – either before or after drink #4 Refresh Tonic. Drink each juice with a 2 to 2.5 hour interval.

Juice Truck Juice Cleanse 3 Day Plan



Juice Cleanse Day 1 Facts:

Note: I did not pre-clean and had a heavy holiday meal the night before. I woke up early Monday morning and was eager to start my day with the Juice Cleanse!
8:00 am:Drink #1 – The Digestive tastes sweet and very green. It was refreshing and bright. This drink consists of cucumber, apple, spinach, celery, parsley and lemon. It is packed with vitamin C and A. I was sipping throughout my hour drive into work. By 9:30 am I’m already going to the washroom. So far so good.

9:55 am: I am starting to feel hungry. Usually this time I am having an apple.

10:15 am:Drink #2 – The Base also tastes very sweet with the pear. This is similar to what I like to juice myself at home. I was initially getting very hungry, but once I started sipping Juice #2 thru to noon, the hunger pangs suppressed. I added some chia seeds to the juice.

Noon: Food has never smelt so good. Maybe I am exaggerating slightly. But my colleagues lemongrass chicken rice is very intoxicating. Where is Dave? We have a lunch date! I need to get out of here ASAP!

12:24 pm: We are at a food court with Dave. He is eating black pepper Ox tongue chicken breast spaghetti. Damn it! I really want to chew on something. My tip to you is not to eat with people who are eating solid food. Damnit! Drink #3 – The Energizer. I love this drink! It is so delicious. The Energizer consists of Juice 3 E3Live, coconut water, pineapple, mint, and ginger. It is so far the best drink. It is invigorating and coconut is hydrating.

I have been sipping this drink along with water from 1230 to 1:30. Somewhere inbetween my hands are getting cold. Not sure if it is because I haven’t eaten solid food or placebo.

3:15 pm: Work was so busy at work that I didn’t really think about eating. It is time for Drink #4 – Broke up Drink #4 – Refresh Tonic. I immediately noticed the ginger. There is a sweet but chalky flavor. I think comes from cabbage. Cabbage aids better digestion and nutrient uptake.

By now your stools should soften and turned to a green hue.

5:00 pm: Drink #5 – The Base. This is a repeat of Drink #2 and continues to stimulate the immune system and reduce inflammation.

6:30 pm: Drink #6 – Protein Milk. This was dinner! This liquid dinner consists of hemp seed, walnut, date, cinnamon, vanilla and filtered water. At first I noticed the abundant taste of cinnamon. It smells almost like apple pie. This was the richest drink of the series and it is super filing at 570 calories!

9:00 pm: Drink #7 – Sleep Tonic. Time to prepare to sleep. Romaine lettuce provides Lactucarium (mild opiate like substance to relax you). Pears helps to regulate digestion. All these properties helps to calm you down and no doubt by 11 I was already dosing off. Perhaps from a long days work and lack of solid food?? Surprising this green little drink has 290 calories


Juice Truck Juice Cleanse Cold Press Juice Diet Health Detox

Juice Cleanse Day 2 Facts:


I woke up this morning super thirsty and have somewhat of a mild headache. Am I dehydrated? My lips are dry though and I don’t have the heat cranked out. I believe I am dehydrated even though I’ve drank over 3 liters of juice. I chug back a glass of water.
8:45 am Drink #1 – The Digestive. This juice tastes a lot more “green” and acidic then I remembered yesterday. I am hoping for something warm to drink. Perhaps camomile tea. Are you allowed to drink herbal tea while on a juice cleanse? Ryan says “Absolutely! Any herbal tea is great!”

9.:00 am I can hear my stomach grumble and I really have to go to the washroom! ASAP! I highly recommend being near a washroom when drinking this on Day 2. No jokes.

11:00 am:Drink #2 – The Base. I’m so hungry. Where my burger? At this moment the novelty of the juice cleanse beginning to wear off. This is probably because I am having chewing withdrawals. I guess I can chew on my juice. I guess! But knowing that my skinny jeans are already a tad looser help keeps me motivated!! I can do it!

12:30 pm: Drink #3 – The Energizer. Again, I love this pineapple coconut juice because it is sweet and didn’t taste like scrapping colons. The Energizer was enjoyable, like candy! By now I am able to deal with chewing my juice instead on stuffing my face with a burger! I am starting to feel the the renewing progress.

3:30 pm: Drink #4 – Refresh Tonic. Indeed refreshing. I am drinking each juice slower and slower. Mixing sips of water in between.

4:45 pm: Drink #5 – The Base. I downed this bottle back as I was getting super thirsty. The hunger pangs is wearing off. I did some vinyasa yoga to refresh myself. It is recommended to do some light exercises.

6:30 pm: Took a nap and woke up 7:30 and went out for coffee with friends. You don’t have to give up social life while on a juice cleanse. Just bring your bottle(s) with you! I sipped Drink #6 – Protein Milk while others drank their espresso. This is my second favorite drink and at this point I didn’t really feel hungry any more. I think my stomach is shrinking.

10:40 pm: Drink #7 – Sleep Tonic. It was hard to finished this juice and I just want to sleep!


Juice Truck Juice Cleanse Cold Press Juice Diet Health Detox

Juice Cleanse Day 3 Facts:

Today was the last day of the 3 Day Juice Truck Juice Cleanse and I woke up very energized. I did not feel I need coffee to pump me up or that I will crash on my way out of bed! This is a great feeling!

8:30am: Drink #1 – The Digestive. I didn’t drink this until I got into the office. It was refreshing knowing it is helping to flush out toxins. I am looking forward to the next strawberry Skin Deep juice!

10:30 am: Drink #2 – Deep Skin. This is another delicious juice. This strawberry and kiwi antioxidant juice tastes like calpis. It is a bit tart and sour but it is so good!

Noon: Drink #3 – The Energizer. I wasn’t hungry at all but I didn’t want to stretch the juicing interval too long. Strawberries and kiwi, now pineapples and coconut. Truly today is a day of reward!

1:00 pm: Drink #3.5 – Bio K. YUCK! and more Yuck!

2:30 pm: Drink #4 – Refresh Tonic. Soothing aloe and fennel. This time the cabbage no longer tasted chalky and I can say I kinda like this drink!

4:45 pm: Drink #5 – The Base. Not hungry. My lips are very dry. I am still dehydrated.

7:00 pm:Drink #6 – Protein Milk. Dinner time. Excuse me while I party it up at #TheNightCircus with some Yelp Elites.

10:00 pm: Drink #7 – Sleep Tonic. Done! Done! and Done! Good night. It was a delicious 3 days!


Overall, I lost 5 lbs on this detoxing juice cleanse. I am less bloated and I feel refreshed. I am sure if I went back to burgers and fries, my weight will bounce back.
Juice Truck Juice Cleanse Cold Press Juice Diet Health Detox

Juice Cleanse Tips:

  • Mind over matter! You can do it!
  • Drink plenty of water between juices. Otherwise you will dehydrate!
  • Sip you juices throughout the 2 to 2.5 hour interval. You will feel fuller.
  • Add some chia seeds into each drink and let it bloom. You will feel fuller.
  • DON’T eat a gigantic greasy meal after your juice cleanse. Your stomach will hate you.
  • Try to change your unhealthy diet habits.
  • Your stools will change color from brown to green. If you are on a 5 Day Juice Cleanse or 7 Day Juice Cleanse, the red hue is from the beet juice. No need to be alarmed.


What were your experiences with juice cleanse diets / detox diets like The Juice Cleanse? Share your comments below! xoxo
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