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10 Things You Need To Know About Portland, Oregon | Travel Guide

portland oregon map 10 Things You Need To Know About Portland

Portland, Oregon is a short road trip away from Vancouver – Vancouver, BC not Vancouver, Washington. We are just taking some much needed R&R time with some friendly people, good food and coffee. Here’s a list of tips to help your stay comfortable.

portland oregon map 10 Things You Need To Know About Portland

10 Things You Need To Know About Portland

No Sales Tax: What you see is what you get. It’s nice not having to pay extra when you shop or dine. Give your server a few extra percent when tipping!

Stumptown: Not just a coffee shop. Stumptown is one of the city’s nicknames. It was coined in 1847 when city growth rapidly that the stump of trees were cut down to make roads.

Weird: The city’s unofficial slogan is “Keep Portland Weird.” Aside from the television series, Portlandia lampooning of hipster culture, Portlander focuses lots on self expression and individuality.

Veggie Friendly: Enjoy an abundance of fresh cold-press juices, smoothie bowls and vegan friendly health bowls like that at Canteen.

Food Trucks: There over 500 food carts in Portland dishing out exhilarating street food. All over town there are pockets where food trucks gather – ex SE Division St / SE 28th place – right by Pok Pok, Whiskey Soda Lounge and Salt and Straw Ice Cream.

Rain: Coming from Vancouver, it doesn’t surprise me that Portland is known for having astronomical rainy days. Make this Goretex jacket a staple and ditch the umbrella.

Outside Portland: Explore true Portland outside of the city. Breathe the outdoor air from Mount Hood to the Columbia Gorge. Portland is full of beautiful waterfalls and hiking trails so much that you forget that land exists. ie. Portland’s Forest Park has 70 miles of trails! And after that morning hike head over to that cute little brunch spot!

Neighborhoods: Portland is broken down in five geographic quadrants. Willamette River separates the town into East and West. Burnside Street divides North and South. Arts in NE/SW. Boutique shopping and Watering Holes in SE/NW. My favorite is the Pearl District and NW 23rd Ave. It is like the West 4th Kitsilano of Vancouver.

Biking / Cyclist: Portland was ranked America’s top bike friendly city. There are over 180 miles of bike lanes. Rent a bike and explore the city and cross the 11 bridges span the Willamette River in the Portland area.

Beer: Portland is home to more brew pubs and microbreweries than any other city. Since the early 1980s, craft beer and beer themed events runs throughout the calender year earns this city’s “Beervana” nickname. BridgePort and Widmer brewies offer daily tours. Book your tour and grab a pint!


If you’ve been to Portland before, let me know what your favorite restaurants / places are in the comments! Hopefully I can go before we head back home!





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