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Richmond Night Market, Richmond (River Rock) | Date Night


There are so many things to do in Vancouver when summer is here. One of the many is indulging in greasy food at the Night Market. This year there are two night markets in Richmond. One being the Richmond Night Market (by River Rock Casino); the other Summer Night Market (behind Home Depot/Bridgeport). The Richmond Night Market prides itself as the “originator” of night market in Richmond. Do you remember the glory days when it was held at Continental Mall (when it was no more than a small stripe in the South parking lot)? Do you remember when it moved to Lansdowne Mall when it occupied the parking lot near No.3 Road? Night Market brings back so many memories…
Admission to the Richmond Night Market is $1.50 (stamp cards – buy $10 and get 2 free bonus). Richmond Night Market Parking is free. Driving almost doesn’t sound sane when combating down No. 3 Road traffic. Luckily there is the Canada Line Skytrain which takes it pretty much right to the front door.


Before any eating begins, we like to walk around the food stalls and see what everyone has to offer before diving in. I highly recommend doing so because what you see first may not always be the best. With so many stall offering similar food, there is bound to be one with a better deal, better quality, and better flavours! After all the eating is done, why not take a look at the vendors selling random nick nacks of socks, custom jewelry, cell phone cases, jelly bras and contact lens ( i know eh?).
Richmond Night Market 2012 0005

Richmond Night Market 2012 0010

Richmond Night Market 2012 0011
Mega Chicken – a cross between Church’s Chicken and Lee’s Chicken
Richmond Night Market 2012 0007

Richmond Night Market 2012 0004

Richmond Night Market 2012 0009

Richmond Night Market 2012 0015

Squid Co. Next to Mega Chicken they have the same signage. Sister companies. Both fresh on the grill and deep fried were all SOLD OUT by the time we arrived. We go the Hot and Spicy and it was quite delicious. A nice kick with moist tender squid.
Richmond Night Market 2012 0016

Richmond Night Market 2012 0017

Other stalls also offering curry squid etc fries them in a big wok.

Richmond Night Market 2012 0013

Richmond Night Market 2012 0014
It’s All About Grill – skewers, skewers and more skewers. AAA grilled steak , garlic chicken, etc. This place isn’t too bad, both in meat quality and prices. One of the better ones.
Richmond Night Market 2012 0022

Richmond Night Market 2012 0021

Richmond Night Market 2012 0048
Chef James Xin Xiang Man BBQ – his fan blew the pungent flavours or lamb skewers in our face and it was hard not to try it. It was alright… The beef on the other hand was mushy and after two bites I threw it away. I’m not really interested in eating bad meat. I see the need to draw in crowds.
Richmond Night Market 2012 0033

Richmond Night Market 2012 0031

Richmond Night Market 2012 0034
Richmond Night Market 2012 0037
Mango. The name saids it all. Variations of mango fruit juice. What is not to love when they use fresh mango meats and other fresh fruits and blends it together for your. This place was less syrupy than some other stalls I’ve tried such as Tea Paradise (1st row of food stalls closest to entrance). But sometimes I do wonder how fresh are there “Fresh Fruits” after its been left in the open for hours? User discretion is advised.

Richmond Night Market 2012 0039

Richmond Night Market 2012 0041
Richmond Night Market 2012 0001
Rice Burger Shop – Our friends that has a stall here highly recommended this. Rice patties used as buns with grilled meat. We were too stuffed by now to try anything else. Next time.


Richmond Night Market 2012 0042

Richmond Night Market 2012 0043

Rotato – Tornado Potatoe Chips with a variety of flavour sprinkles. The line for this was CRAZY. Except a good 30 min wait or come early.


You see some variety in cuisines here also:
Richmond Night Market 2012 0028

Richmond Night Market 2012 0030

Traditional Candy Coated Fruits.
Richmond Night Market 2012 0026
Bratwurst and Roasted Pork Hocks.
Richmond Night Market 2012 0027

Rotisserie Chicken

Deep Fried Cheesecake something you would find at PNE.


Cupcakes. and even Macarons.

Mini Donuts
Richmond Night Market 2012 0040

Richmond Night Market 2012 0046

Richmond Night Market 2012 0049

Wishing Trees


Lavender Tree Plants

Richmond Night Market 2012 0020

Richmond Night Market on Urbanspoon

Richmond Night Market (River Rock Casino)
URL: http://www.richmondnightmarket.com/
Fri-Sat: 7:00 pm – 12:00 am
Sun/Stat: 7:00 pm – 11:00 pm

8351 River Rd Richmond, BC V6X 1Y4
(604) 244-8448

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