Chinese Sticky Rice 糯米飯

Chinese Sticky Rice 糯米飯 Glutinous Sweet Rice Nuo Mi Fan

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Chinese Sticky Rice 糯米飯 is a delicious and rich flavour of comfort food made with short grain glutinous rice. Serve this savoury sticky rice during Chinese New Year with Chinese pork sausage lap cheong, dried shiitake mushrooms, shrimp, scallops and cured pork belly. Traditional Chinese sticky rice is easy to make in the rice cooker in less than 1 hour!


  • 300g Gluttonous Rice (Sweet Rice)
  • 100g Chinese Pork Belly
  • 2 Chinese Pork Sausages
  • 3 Dried Shiitake Mushrooms – learn how to resuscitate Dried Chinese Mushrooms.
  • You can also use fresh shiitake mushrooms
  • 50g Dried Shrimp
  • 50g Dried Scallops
  • 2 Fresh Garlic Cloves
  • 50g Finely Chopped Green Onions
  • 50g Fresh Cilantro, rough chop for garnish
  • 20g Roasted Peanuts, garnish
  • 1 Egg, whisked and pan-fried, garnish
  • 2 tbsp Vegetable Oil
  • Dash of Ground White Pepper Powder


Sticky Rice Marinate Water



  • 1 Inch Knob of Fresh Ginger, grated
  • 1 tsp Roasted Sesame Oil
  • Kosher Salt to taste
  • 2 tsp Shaoxing Rice Wine


  1. Heat vegetable oil in a non-stick pan over medium-high heat.
  2. Whisk egg and pan fry until fully cooked. Remove from heat. Set aside.
  3. Once cooled to room temperature, cut into thin slices and reserve for garnish.
  4. Dice Chinese sausages and cured pork belly into small pieces.
  5. Add Chinese sausages and cured pork belly, dried shrimp, and dried scallops to the wok and stir fry on low-medium heat.
  6. Add resuscitate Chinese dried mushrooms and turn to medium heat.
  7. Once you smell it aromatic, remove it and set it aside.
  8. Alternatively, fold a small aluminum tin foil bowl and air fry Chinese sausages and cured pork belly at 400F for 5 mins. The air fryer will render and reduce excess oil from the fatty pork meat.
  9. Wash and rinse the glutinous rice with cold water. Drain well and discard excess liquid.
  10. Add water, light soy sauce, dark soy, and oyster sauce in a medium mixing bowl. Mix well until combined.
  11. Add previously stir-fried/air-fried meats onto the washed sticky rice. Mix well.
  12. Allow the rice to absorb the flavours and oil of the meats.
  13. Add the marinated water to the sticky rice. Evenly coated.
  14. Transfer mixture, place in a rice cooker, and set to rice mode.
  15. Or steam in a wok with boiling water on the stovetop for 40 mins of cooking time.
  16. You can also make sticky rice in an Instant Pot pressure cooker. Set to high pressure for 25 minutes and naturally release. The total cook time will take about 45 minutes.
  17. Before plating, fluffy and mix the Lo Mai Fan with a wooden spoon.
  18. Garnish with cooked egg slices, roasted peanuts and finely chopped green onions.



  1. There is no need to soak the sticky rice for a long time.
  2. Soaked rice is typically required in the traditional savoury sticky rice recipe. The small bag of uncooked rice is soaked in water and then cooked directly in the wok by pan-frying.
  3. When in doubt, reduce the water to ensure the soft sticky rice is cooked but not mushy.


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