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Top Ten YouTube Food Channels | Recipes and Cooking Tips

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I spent a lot of time looking at youtube recipe videos, so I can be a poser and pretend I am the next Masterchef when cooking for Nancy. Jokes aside, it also makes me learn more about food in general. Sometimes it is really hard to find New YouTube Content and good quality channels. Over the years, I have developed my playlist for the Top Ten YouTube Food Channels for humor, best recipes, cooking techniques, cooking tips, and quick healthy recipes on a budget. Here are some of the best cooking channels on YouTube.



Top Ten YouTube Food Channels



10. The Official Hungry (general western dishes) – Tidbits on everything food. From comfort food, food styling and other best culinary videos.



9. runnyrunny999 (japanese) – Japanese guy cooking simple Japanese food. Not too complicated and not too authentic or traditional, but who cares.



8. ngswcook (pasta / japanese) – no commentary from this Japanese lad. He does fusion Japanese style pasta, fried rice, and small dishes. I can’t really understand the guy but he is a master of tossing the wok.


7. cooking cousins (italian / general western) – They are not expert home cooks. They probably adapted some of the recipes from their mom’s. There are also a couple of beverage recipes as well.



6. Simply Ming (technique / Asian)  – Iron Chef Ming Tsai’s Youtube channel. I am a huge fanboy of Ming, simply because he defeated an Iron Chef. He takes you to school with cooking 101, and teaches his take on fried rice.



5. Betty’s Kitchen (Classic American Home) – If my mother was Caucasian, and was trying to teach me how to cook. I hope it would be Betty. From pies to cupcakes to roasted chicken. This mother figure has you covered.


4.Maangchi cook show (Korean) – Freaky lady, but very easy to understand Korean recipes.I am a sucker for Korean side dishes and she taught me several good ones I’m waiting to try.


3.Nicko’s kitchen (Variety) – Two Points: One, this guy covers all kinds of dishes. Two, he needs to lose weight. Nicko loves food and has over 300 + videos and over 100,000 + subscriptions.


2.Cooking with dog (Japanese) – I don’t think I need much introduction on the channel. Sweet Japanese lady with her poodle teaching people how to make authentic Japanese food.


1. Foodwishes – I love this channel and it’s the first food recipe channel I have subscribed to. Chef John is a professional chef, has tons of knowledge and tries to slip words of wisdom on industry jargon and technique every now and then.




Hope you guys find these useful. If you have another awesome youtube channel (food related) you want to share. I would love to add it to the Top Ten YouTube Food Channels! Please leave us a comment below


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