My Little Cupcake – Princess Cake Pops

What does Martha Stewart got that you can’t? Maybe aside from a few pretty pennies and jail time. But hey! you can also make pretty darling cake pops.
MLC - Princess Cupcake POPS
Besides charming your kids with My Little Pony (sorry did I just date myself?) there is My Little Cupcake.

Cake Pops has exploded worldwide and both young and big kids love them. They make great Mother’s Day luncheon, birthday bash, baby shower, or wedding reception. No messy frosting and no cutting, a cake pop is a great alternative to the entire cake and simple enough to pop for just the right amount of guilt-free sweetness. Why not have two or three?


Cake Pops look time consuming and hard to make but actually My Little Cupcake Pop makes it super easy. Massachusetts entrepreneur Mom Jeanette Facey had all those things in mind when she created savvy new Cake Pop Shapers.

Bakers of all ages can choose from a bevy of baseballs to celebrate the boys of summer, to posh mini-cupcake shaped cake pops. Cake pop shapers and recipes too, all in one spot, you’ll see why baking these creations is a piece of cake!

These Mini Molds™ are affordable at $5.95 a piece and $22.95 for a set of 4. The cake pop molds, yummy and super simple ‘no bake’ recipes and all the kitchen supplies you need to get baking are available at

We can’t wait to get our hands on some of these and have a bake-out!

But before that we’ve found some pretty looking goodies for you to drool over.

Source: Flickr - Cupcake Treats
Source: Flickr – Cupcake Treats
confetti of shaved coco and aqua pops

Midtown Sweets
Source: Midtown Sweets

Cute birdies cake pops made from chocolate cake, dipped in blue candy melt then decorated with rainbow sprinkles, food-color markers, and modeling chocolate for the wings. Take that Angry Birds!

Midtown Sweets bees
Source: Midtown Sweets

First you had birds, now for the bee theme parties.

Molly Bakes alice

Alice in Wonderland themed afternoon tea set.

Source: Flickr Bakerella

Hot summer days are here and even your teddy bears need to a break in the pool. Pool themed parties and baby showers

riously Daisies

Color-Coordinating Cake Pops add a few ribbons and backdrops to make you cake pop!


Why not get a recipe book filled with cute ideas!

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