McDonald’s Mc Pork, Japan

McDonald's (Japan)_3720 McDonald's (Japan) mcpork1

McDonald’s McPork in Japan is another item not available in North America. I was so sad that my 17 day Nippon vacation came to an screeching halt. I was waiting at Narita Airport to board my flight to Hong Kong that I decided to also give the McPork a try. The previous Mc Donald’s Ebi Filet-O wow-ed me, so porky can’t be too bad. WRONG! This piglet was nothing more than a Sausage Egg McMuffin (sans egg and english muffin).


McDonald's (Japan) mcpork


A salty sausage patty sandwiched between a sesame bun with some peppery, ginger, soy like watery paste paired with some finely chopped onions. An Asian-theme porky nightmare! There was a weird after-taste that lasted for hours and I was thirsty has hell! Throughout the whole flight!  Please avoid at all cost. I much rather I saved that ¥100 (approx. $1.20) on a kit-kat bar!



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