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Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon: What to Eat Before The Race


Lululemon SeaWheeze 2014 Half Marathon: What to Eat Before The Race

Lululemon SeaWheeze Half Marathon: What to Eat Before The Race

The 4th annual LululemonSeaWheeze Half Marathon takes place this Saturday, August 13th. It is very exciting for when there are tens of thousands participating runners. But it could also be very daunting deciding what to eat three days before the race begins. Pre-race nerves are completely normal and just remember to do the best you can.


“Carbo Load”


Consume your largest meal two nights pre-race. We suggest this because runners typically do not sleep very well the night before the race because of anxiety. The digestion process is usually compromised. You do not want to feel very full and uncomfortable. You want to feel nourished – neither hungry or too full. You probably should skip that fat and butter heavy pasta. A lean and mean meal consisting of sweet potatoes, quinoa, fish, chicken breast will keep you sustained longer.


Pre-Race Breakfast


Ttry to eat similar food you have been eating during your long runs. Typical healthy pre-race breakfast choices are toast with almond butter or peanut butter, bagel (skip the cream cheese). I really like Monkey Butter ‘s Dark Chocolate Banana. Eggs are also really good. Water or healthy sports drinks like Vega: Vega Sport Pre-Workout and Vega Sport Recovery Accelerator for after a strenuous workout. Game Day – now is not the time to experiment and try new things!


Eat your Pre-Race breakfast 2-3 hours before the race. This will allow you to digest and process everything. Remember to use the bathroom before the race and keep hydrated. Sip water up to half an hour before the race.


Keep in mind your pre-marathon diet should include lean proteins like chicken and fish. Include some good carbohydrates from vegetables, fruits, rice or legumes. I prefer staying away from wheat based products like pasta or breads. Do not eat fatty foods or deep fried food. If you must – please consume these AFTER the race.



Game Day – Race Day


Congratulations! It is game day. The race should supply you with water and hopefully some type of sports drinks long the route. For that extra boost of energy, carry with you some energy gels. I like Vega Sport Endurance Gel. Of course, we recommend using only products you have used before. And when you do gel up – do not gel on an empty stomach. It is very bad for you since there is nothing for your stomach to grind.


Congratulations you are on your race to the big race! Look at you all runners decked out in Lululemon workout gear!



After the race:


Stay for the SeaWheeze Sunset Festival. The SeaWheeze Sunset Festival includes Yoga. Party. Food. Drink. Imagine a lawn party next to the Pacific Ocean where you, along with 15,000 sweaty, happy SeaWheeze Half Marathon finishers, yogis and general good-vibration-spreaders will enjoy:


  • A chill Vinyasa flow yoga practice. Don’t forget your mat!
  • A drink (or two) from the wine and beer gardens. This year, you’ll be able to bring your drink right to the stage
  • An epic dance party


SeaWheeze Sunset Festival Schedule

What’s happening at the Sunset Festival?

  • live performances by Chromeo, Dear Rouge, and Youngblood
  • a sunset yoga practice led by Global Yoga Ambassador, Stephanie Synder
  • a licensed venue with gourmet grab-and-go food for purchase
  • stellar views of Vancouver’s iconic Stanley Park


Brockton Oval
Stanley Park
Vancouver, BC


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