House of Tofu Soup Burnaby | Best Soondooboo 순두부 찌개

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House of Tofu Soup Burnaby has the best Soondooboo 순두부 찌개 in town. I should perhaps say around town since they have two locations – Burnaby (North Road in “Korean Town”) and Richmond. Soondooboo is a hot and spicy Korean stew made with tofu, vegetables, mushrooms, onions, scallions and chili powder. It is a popular item in Korean restaurants and is truly comforting because of it is served piping hot with a raw egg and also side bowl of rice.
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However, superior tofu soup is hard to come by in the Lower Mainland. Some restaurants make them either too watery or cheap out on the ingredients. The worst is when the bowl arrives luke warm and is not even boiling. This is crucial because a lot of the flavours comes from the tiny shrimps and veggies.
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House of Tofu Soup offers a few choices of seafood, pork, beef, chicken, kimchi, dumpling or mushroom. You can select the level of fire of hot, regular, mild or white (non-spicy).
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What is special about this place is that their serve the bowl of rice from a hot stone bowl – the heat from the stone bowl creates crispy rice along the side. The traditional way to conquer the rice is to add tea into the crispy rice to soften them up and then eat. Myself I like to scrape the crispy rice and dip into the left over spicy tofu soup – To each their own.
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Common to all Korean restaurants, delicious side dishes are served: kimchi, marinated potatoes, bean sprouts, seaweed, radish, etc. etc. One of my favorite is their potatoe salad. It is slightly sweet and absolutely delicious!
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The prices are extremely reasonable and you will find yourself satisfied with yummy goodness. Be warned that the North Road location is located in a very very tiny “mall” that only offers at most 5 parking stalls shared with the Korean hair salon next door.

House of Tofu Soup
URL: n/a
Cuisine: Korean, Tofu Soup
11:00am – 9:30pm
Closed Tuesdays

4563 N Rd #1, Burnaby, BC V3N 4J5
(604) 420-5254

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