McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O, Japan (Tokyo)

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Not usually a fan of fast-food especially when I’m travelling. It’s hard to taste the “culture” when you are eating from Western franchises… However, the Golden Arches global outposts goes out of their way to accommodate local / foreign taste buds! As a fan of the Filet-O Fish here in Canada, I was excited to see their feature item the Ebi Filet-O Burger after a long day of travelling along Yokohama City. [side note: Yokohama City is one of the scenic portion of Tokyo Bay; amusement park rides, river canals and maritime museums]

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McDonald’s Ebi Filet-O features baby whole shrimp embedded into a patty of breading (eggs and wheat flour), deep fried until golden crispy panko crust –Soft, juicy, and succulent! Not bad for ¥320 (approx $4); complete meal is ¥620.

The Cafe Au Lait is not bad – smooth and velvelty. It’s nice to taste and see whole shrimp and not just a mouth full pureed mixture of shrimp (something you see from a McRib – meat puree pressed into rib like shape patty)

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McDonald's (Japan) ebi-chan

The bun is just a regular sesame seed bun, nothing special. The sauce is tartar, similar to the Filet-O. This burger is so delish it even has it own Ebi-Chan – Model Ebihara Yuri 蛯原友里 strikes a pose with this baby!  Delish! I actually came back for another along with a Matcha McFlurry! YUM! Oishii! おいしい!  Wish I can say the same about the Japan McPork = McSigh*

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