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We come to Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant Richmond whenever we feel like some fusion Japanese cuisine and a variety of rolls during lunch time. Charcoal is located next to London Drugs on No. 3 Road on the second level. There are lots to choice from in terms of tapas items, rolls and even bbq meat. Plenty of free parking and if you are ever short of cash, there’s even a TD Bank conveniently for you.

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Let’s start with one of my favourite item off the “Secret Menu” at Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant.



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Sashimi Wrap $10.75: Other places call it Salmon Yukke, while Charcoal has it coined as the Sashimi Wrap. It is a tartare of chopped tuna, salmon and hotate scallops mixed with mayo; blanketed with tobiko and a quail egg. It is served with seaweed for you to scoop all the creamy goodness. It is very light and the crunchy texture of tobiko popping in your mouth is pretty awesome.
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Maple Leaf Roll $8.75: Mango madness. The mango is sweet and brings out the freshness of Imitation crab, avocado & cream cheese topped with smoked salmon & tobiko
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Supreme Plus Roll $10.25: When Dynamite met Negitoro it was magical because it brought along Hamachi yellowtail. Yellowtail & prawn tempura topped with toro & green onion…
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Mentaiko Yakiudo $9.95: Creamy pan fried udon with tobiko and bonito flakes. Add some Japanese chili powder for extra seasoning.
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Shark Fin Salad $4.95: Marinated shark fin (imitation shark fin!) and jellyfish is another refreshing appie to start the meal. Nicely portioned, slightly spicy and tangy with plenty of bite.



Come early as the seats fill up fast probably because the quality is pretty consistent and they have killer lunch combos!


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Charcoal Sushi and BBQ Restaurant
Cuisine: Japanese, Seafood

11am – 10pm

7997 Westminster Hwy, Unit 250, Richmond, BC V6X 1A4
(778) 297-7255

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