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Xai Verandah Lounge California (Los Angeles) #WestHollywood | Patio Brunch Bliss

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Xai Verandah Lounge in LA, California. This beautiful place blends old world timeless Mediterranean elegance with contemporary chic. A relaxed mansion setting with lush gardens and canopy seating for outdoor dining; something Vancouver so desperately need (if only weather permitted).

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What Xai Verandah features is weekend brunch and Happy Hour Hookah. Hookah aka Shisha is a single or multi stemmed instrument for smoking flavored tobacco thru a water basin. My first experience of Hookah was in South Korean in this swanky bar in Hangdae called Oi (Seoulgrid’s awesome photos or see the following 2 photos  )



Hoohak flavours available are delicious – pomegranate, apple, watermelon, candy apple, etc. Brunch menu is awesome as it consists of brioche French toast, bennies, pancakes, omelettes and other traditional Middle Eastern brunches and Lebanese breakfast mezze.



Crispy toasted pita chips

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Nutella Pancakes $11.95: Homemade pancakes served with hazelnut nutella, fresh berries, and loaded with whipped cream. Pancakes are fluffy but it isn’t something that represents this restaurant. But if you are looking for comfort, this is not a bad choice.




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Two Eggs any Style $6.95 with added Merguez sausage $3.95: Served with toast, Xai spiced potatoes. The sausage is of fresh lamb, beef stuffed into a lamb intestine casing. Spiced flavours of chilli pepper, sumac, fennel and garlic dominate. I expected presentation to be slightly nicer – ex. potatoes wasn’t served semi-mashed.

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Also recommended is the chicken hummus, Xai House Blend Tea. It is a custom blend with a hint of spiced Earl Grey of cinnamon, French vanilla, cardamom, and cloves. Add steamed milk to any teas.

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source: Xai Verandah Lounge Facebook Page

There are so many choices here that it was really unfortunate we had limited stomach space and we don’t live in LA. I would love to revisit this trendy restaurant lounge.

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source: Xai Verandah Lounge Facebook Page
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source: Xai Verandah Lounge Facebook Page
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source: Xai Verandah Lounge Facebook Page

The interior space during night times is also very charming. If you think Nuba Vancouver or Sanfir are sensual, than you will definitely need to come visit Xai Verandah Lounge. Free flowing white drapes, white seats, booth seats… Keep your eyes peeled for Groupon like vouchers, sometimes you will find a “daily deal” for this place.




Xai Verandah Lounge on Urbanspoon




Xai Verandah Lounge
URL: http://www.xailounge.com/
Cuisine: Mediterranean, Middle Eastern
Hours: 10:00 am to 11:00 pm

7677 Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046, United States
+1 323-969-0090

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