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Day 7 Wonder Soup Diet | Cabbage Soup Diet | 7 Day Diet Weight Loss


Day 7 Wonder Soup Diet | Cabbage Soup Diet: Fruits, Veggies and Juices. No Meat.


Hallelujah! The diet is over!  Weighted myself on the scale and about 6 lbs has shed since Day 1. I think it was definitely a great detoxing experiencing. And now that it is finally over, I think my stomach has shrank even though I can’t prevent the eyes bigger than stomach syndrome.


Today you are only allowed to eat fruits, veggies and juices. No Protein, but unlimited Wonder Soup Diet. It is basically a repeat of Day 3. It was somewhat hard to do since the previous days I was allowed some sort of protein – chicken, salmon, some Japanese sashimi….


Basically I drank mostly the soup the entire day and snacked on apples in the morning, oranges by mid day, had a couple packs of seaweed and also topped it off with a disgusting-but-super-good-for-you black kale, carrot, celery, pomegranate and apple juice at night.


Wonder Soup Diet – Day 8 Review:

Overall I have lost 7 lbs and have flushed a lot of crap from my body literally! I think this diet is a great way to jump start your weight loss or just for general house cleaning. I feel my stomach is flatter and I don’t crave oily greasy foods as much (just don’t put a bag of Hardbite chips in front of me!) If I don’t follow the diet through and through, I will at least drink this soup for the sake of benefiting from all the nutrients!


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