Day 2 Wonder Soup Diet | Cabbage Soup Diet | 7 Day Diet Weight Loss


Day 2 Wonder Soup Diet | Cabbage Soup Diet: Veggies only (no corn and other starchy vegetables ex, potatoes 258 calories each)



Weighted myself on the scale and no visible changes (yet) from Day 1. But I don’t feel as sluggish as I normally do. The diet says no starchy veggies except for a baked potato in the morning. Who has time in the morning to bake a potato? I did not. I replaced it with a piece of multi-grain toast. I hope it did not ruin my diet.

The rest of the day, I grazed on apples, strawberries and oranges. For Lunch I had my big bowl of Wonder Soup along with a salad (romaine lettuce, cherry tomatoes and a some lemon, black pepper for flavor. No salt)

The vegetables count towards fibre, minerals and vitamins. The fibre cleanses your bowels for detoxing. You can steam or stir fry your veggies with a teaspoon of olive oil and flavor with garlic, pepper and spices. Avoid salt as it retains water. I baked my cauliflower in the oven with some lemon and spices.

Today was a pretty fun day and I didn’t really miss the carbs from bread, etc.



Onto Day 3 Wonder Soup Diet



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