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Win Betty’s King Sauce | Homemade Chili Oil Vancouver

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Betty’s King Sauce is a locally homemade chili oil that is pretty awesome. I like my food spicy and Betty knows it.

Betty and I met through the realms of social media – specially Instagram. I am probably dating myself… but much like the ICQ-days we exchanged numbers, met in person and the rest was history. Hands up those who have done this. Don’t worry, I can’t see you. Admit it! I won’t judge.

How did Betty King Sauce start?

Betty had a desire to create something related to food years ago. There was a lot of soul searching, fear and day dreaming. She wanted to do something that she was passionate about.

“King Sauce was created as a reflection of me and the things I love. I love spicy Asian food and I love variety and with King sauce you’re able to use it on different meals, I’m Chinese with the influence of Vietnamese culture so there’s lemon grass from the Vietnamese and dried shrimp which the Chinese often use etc… That was how King Sauce was created…. And then it became just a dream for years. This is me attempting to live life again and trusting God.”


Betty’s King sauce was available only within a small circle of friends for a long time. Now it is available by order. Or you can enter to win two jars of Betty’s King Sauce by enter this contest below.

Each special mixture of King Sauce contains:

  • Fresh Thai chilies
  • Fresh jalapeno
  • Fresh lemon grass
  • Fresh garlic
  • Dried shrimp
  • Dry chili flakes

Price: $10.00 per 6oz jar

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Contest closes June 16, 2015 and announced June 17, 2015.

Winners chosen at random and will get two jars of Betty’s King Sauce. To claim the gift card, winners will need to be able to arrange delivery with Betty. Good Luck!

Contest details and entry form below:

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