WE Coffee Vancouver (downtown / west end)

WE Coffee Vancouver Downtown is located beside Santouka and Kitanoya Guu Garlic in downtown Vancouver on Robson St towards the Denman side. This little café is nice, bright and minimalistic looking, but it is full of surprises. Serving desserts, coffee and tea; something is available for everyone.


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Cuisine: Coffee, Tea, Dessert, Cafe

Price/Entrée: $5-15

Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 3.5
Service: 3.0
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 3




Tea $6 / pot

Mariage Frères teas are served and is considered one of the most prestigious tea companies in the world since 1854. The tea is fragrant and flavorful – creamy rich and not watered down. I’m not usually a tea drinker but I may convert (once in a while) if teas were like this. The Al’ Opera Special blend was amazing – full of green tea, berries and precious spices. The Marco Polo was also fantastic. The palate is filled with sensations of flowers, berries, and vanilla – something I was savoring for quite some time. Earl Grey French Blue is silky filled with “fruity, zesty and lightly peppery notes of bergamot with the sweet-scented hint of cornflower”. The flavors actually lingers on your palate for sometime unlike some tea bag produced cheapies. It comes in a white metal shield tea pot for $6 a pot gives you a couple cups of goodness.



Their coffee beans are roasted in-house to obtain a desirable balance of body, aroma and acidity. Their specialty coffee uses either syphon or paper-drip techniques for preparation. Approx. $2.50 for an Americano – enjoyable and bold unlike the acidic and sour espresso at coffeebar in Gastown.

Waffles – Strawberry Lover $7.99 (1/2 order)
WEcoffee00001 WEcoffee00002

Freshly made waffles in their own ‘special’ recipe served with fresh strawberries, custard sauce, whipped cream and strawberry ice cream. The waffles overall was quite tasty, but on the dense side. By far I still prefer Café Medina’s any day! Half order includes 2 quarters but is plenty if you are planning on sharing and ordering other items. Try it with blueberries also, it is quite nice. I like the tartness better.

Strawberry Trifle $7.99

Custard, whipped cream, sponge cake served with fresh strawberries reminds you of strawberry shortcake. Pretty tasty and very filling however slightly sweet for me, but my BFF loved it. This is one of her favorites.


WE coffee is a great hang out, chill place to go for desserts whilst in downtown or after dinner. The prices are slightly steep but the portions kind of make up for it. If you just had a big dinner consider sharing – remember sharing is caring!

  • Free Wifi
  • $3.89 minimum charger per person
  • Bright well-light café
  • late night
  • downtown dessert
  • ice-cream, waffles, cakes
  • savory sandwiches available



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