Two Chefs and a Table Gastown

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I am a Vancouverite in need to find my identity. I certainly don’t fit into the mold of fitting in. I don’t own any Lululemon, or Canucks apparel. I don’t drive to Stanley Park on a Saturday morning for a jog nor read the nutrition levels in the back of the cereal box. Heck, give me the best tasting brunch in the morning, and throw some alcohol in the mix. I’ll use my physique (6’2 200lbs) like a credit line on a credit card until I max it out. Why can’t you throw everything in the deep fryer using buttermilk batter, it would probably taste better. I should really consider moving down south, they are probably more excepting in lifestyle choices.


I arrived at Two Chefs and A Table. It’s located at the boarder of Gastown where industrial, manufacturing, drugs and prostitution was the main economy in the 90’s. It’s so out of place for such a fancy restaurant. White exposed brick walls with contemporary chandeliers. Well… quoting Andrew Morrison, Strathcona is the new Yaletown. The formula is simple, find the most ghetto area you can and place a restaurant there. People are going to line up for hours waiting to get a seat in your restaurant that can host 30 max patrons, SUCCESS!

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I did in fact have to wait for a table. It was packed inside so I had to stand in the cold. As I had time to ponder, I was choosing between the organic grape tomato pureed, smoked salmon scrambled eggs, or do I want the low fat breakfast parfait with locally grown fruits? I better have a freshly squeezed orange juice as well.

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We eventually made our way in and sat at the chef’s table aka the bar counter, facing the open kitchen. As we were handed the menu, it continued the trend of a fancy restaurant. A legal sized piece of paper with less than a dozen of dishes on the menu, nothing is throwing me off anymore, or is it?

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I was reading down the list on the menu and that’s when it struck me, I am being thrown off again. This isn’t how my brunch story was supposed to go. I can have Chicken and Waffles in Vancouver for breakfast? I thought this only happens across the border heading way south.

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Chicken’n Waffles: Housemade waffles with pecan, vanilla butter and syrup. The buttermilk battered chicken was so soft, so juicy. The waffles were light, and the pecans added a crunchy texture. I am in love. I would have preferred it if they gave me more syrup, it tasted so good along with the vanilla butter.

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Pancakes: griddled in fluffy buttermilk, vanilla butter. orange marmalade, and maple syrup. Nothing fancy on the appearance. Just buttermilk pancakes that’s every so fluffy. The orange marmalade was refreshing. I just didn’t know why I didn’t get any seasonal fruit, when the menu got my hopes up.

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Sunday Caesar: Celery salt, spring olives, house made beans. It wasn’t Sunday, but who cares. Well salt rimmed glass with flavorful salt. Spicy cocktail paired with what I called an “impotent” bean.

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French Press Coffee: Not on the menu but everyone was ordering it. Large Bodum French Press with freshly grind coffee. It sure woke me up. It also made me want to invest in a French Press again, I missed that in the morning.

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Talk about being surprised in a good way. I woke up late, drove 30km for brunch in an industrial area only to be surprised by southern soul food. Two Chefs and A Table is a restaurant I want to revisit again. I am also glad that I have the option of going to their other location. I would feel a little sketchy having dinner in such an industrial area. That is why, I will visit their Richmond location which is located near Bridgeport and Sweden Way… another industrial area…

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Two Chefs and a Table Gastown
Cuisine: French, International, Breakfast

305 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1C4
(778) 233-1303


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