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Tri-Ty Cafe 翠緹複合餐飲, Richmond

Sometimes I beat myself for repeating certain places that are not very good. Take Tri-Ty Cafe 翠緹複合餐飲for example, their food is very mediocre and the drinks are not very consistent. The prices are not very fair for the quality received. The place is run down – there are holes on the walls, paint chips, and slow service. Yet above all that, when other tried and true places are either too busy, closed or not conveniently located because of hunger pains or pure laziness … we return to Tri-Ty.


Their menu has been updated and it appears there are more selection. But I find there is a sly/sneakiness aspect to the presentation. There are no prices listed anywhere on the menu. They entice you with pictures first (smart move on their part) then you check the order slip where the prices are listed.


Deeply saddened by what was presented.


Fried Rice Omelette with Deep Fried Chicken Cutlet (tomato / curry sauce)

Mediocre rice with an egg wrap fried rice. The curry sauce on the side was cold and gloopy. I wish they’d at least nuked the sauce a little.

The chicken stripes were alright, nothing special tho.



Oyster Omelette


This is not what a traditional oyster omelette would look or taste like. It is dry and very blend. There again was a cold somewhat spicy tomato paste for spreading? Dipping?



Three Spiced Chicken with Rice
Salty. Beyond the saltiness I could not taste the spices used to “marinate” the chicken.

Shaved Ice with your choices or items (red bean, taro, tapioca, mocha, etc).

Ice plate with toppings. The warmth of the red bean will melt your ice turning it into a soup like mixture shortly.



Pineapple – tasteless. It was not very sweet and I guess pineapples or pineapple juices are not a high priced commodity.




I see that they had chocolate cookies and Godiva chocolate slushes also. They looked pretty good on the menu. I wonder how they taste like in real life… Anyone care to let me know please?




At the end of the day, I’ve been here multiple times spread over the years and I think it’s just been getting worse. Believe they’ve changed owners too… but nothing really has changed. I strongly believe you will be better served at Leisure, Pearl Castle, Well Tea.

Tri-Ty Cafe 翠緹複合餐飲 on Urbanspoon


8100 Ackroyd Road  Richmond, BC V6X 3J9
(604) 231-8997





[cetsEmbedGmap src=http://maps.google.ca/maps?daddr=8100+Ackroyd+Road,+Richmond,+BC+V6X+3J9&safe=active&cid=0,0,7267552818481883961&fb=1&hq=tri-ty+cafe&hnear=0x548677a8219c8373:0xdd0a72738752b169,Burnaby,+BC&gl=ca&geocode=0,49.171925,-123.136487&t=m&z=16 width=350 height=425 marginwidth=0 marginheight=0 frameborder=0 scrolling=no]

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