Torafuku Vancouver 寅福 | Chinatown Le Tigre Food Truck Restaurant

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Torafuku Vancouver Chinatown just opened its doors and things are looking great. Torafuku located on 958 Main Street is a spinoff from the popular Le Tigre food truck. Crack Salad anyone? It is right beside Campagnolo and Electric Owl.

The space is open, bright and seats approximately 50 people. Long communal cement table off the the left and booths to the right.

Chef Clement Chan and Steve Kuan partners say they are menu focused on modern Asian Fusion cuisine a la izakaya-style.

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The preview dinner was celebrated by a few adult libations. To set the tone was Shogun 75 – a classic French 75 with Absolut vodka, green tea syrup, yuzu, kaffir lime, basil, smoked pear bitters (mmmm…) and sparkling wine. I love the summery feel and the citrus notes!

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ME LIKE PAPAYA: Green papaya salad, julienne carrots, tomato, red cabbage, green beans, chilli, peanuts, naam jim. Refreshing acidity and Thai notes for the summer.

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RYE SO MESSY CHICKEN WINGS: tempura fried chicken wings coated with rye, gochujang marinate, mango glaze, ramen crumble, KFC sauce. Spicy and heated.

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THIS IS NOT TORTELLINI: Not a tortellini and not a gyoza. Or is it a gyoza hiding in tortellini’s clothing? Filled with pork, shiso, ginger, garlic, scallion, angry tiger sauce.

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DIRTY BIRDY FRIED RICE: Dirty because it is a little sinful with chicken liver, prawns, tofu, chilli, egg, brown rice. Put an egg on top and everything is a ok!

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KICKASS RICE 2.0: Reboot the Kick Ass rice from the Le Tigre food truck with an Aburi style torched pork belly with the same kickass rice in a box (battera = sushi pressed in a box). Clever!

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DR. OCTOPUS VS MR. TUNA: Octopus salad with, tomato, jalapenos, scallions, crispy nori, tuna crudo, romesco sauce. Crudo is the Italian version of sashimi. I wish there was just more of this!

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SILK ROUTE: Grand marnier, amaro ramazzotti, lime, honey ginger syrup, goji berry ginseng tincture and lemongrass. Darker notes for deeper flavor dishes. Clearly this will last me until Fall.

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Things at the “Lucky Tiger” looks promising. And with dishes all below $15. I’m looking forward to coming back for a few drinks and more food!

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Torafuku Vancouver 寅福
Cuisine: Asian, Fusion, Izakaya

Monday: Closed
Tuesday – Sunday: 5:30 p.m – 11:00 p.m

958 Main Street, Vancouver, BC V6A 2W1
(778) 903-2006

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