The Juice Truck, Vancouver (Gastown)

The Juice Truck is a vibrate pomegranate / watermelon colored food JUICE truck located on the corner of Water Street and Abbott Street in Vancouver’s historic Gastown district. With Vancouver’s local street vendors finally picking pace, many focuses on hearty portions of meat and grease, and lack perspective on Vancouverite’s healthy lifestyle. The Juice Truck brings you just that – good juices filled with abundance of best locally sourced produces.

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Cuisine: Juice Truck,
Price/Entrée: $2.50-7.50
Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 4
Service: 4
Ambiance: n/a (can’t really say since it’s on the street, but the Juice Truck sure is cute!)
Overall: 4

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The Juice Truck idea was conceptualized during an adventure Ryan and Zach had while travelling thru the Himalayas in a small Nepalese village. Colorful. Vibrate. Aromatic drinks abound. The Juice Truck brings this nutritious concept back to the West Coast which fits perfectly to Vancouver’s healthy lifestyle.
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Freshly pressed juices preserves the delicate flavour and enzymes of fruits, unpasteurized, and lasts up to 7 days uses the premium cold pressing production technique, much similar to how premium olive oils are made. The Juice Truck uses 1 of 6 cold press machines called the Norwalk in Canada…  cold press hydraulic press juicer was developed back in 1930’s by Dr. Walker.

It’s extremely exciting to learn that this beautiful start-up budded and began to take shape with the help of local RevScene  dedicated fellow readers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs. Each chipping in their 2 cents or more with ideas, knowledge and expertise – such a self-less act.
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The Juice Truck features many healthy beneficial juices (The Pineapple Beet, The Remedy, The Carrot Apple); energetic smoothies to amp up your day (The Avocado Pineapple, The Almost Chocolate) and cause-worthy indulgences (Smoothie 1, Smoothie 2 to benefit F— Cancer  and Movember Canada $1 from each beverage will be donated to Movember Canada in support of Prostate Cancer awareness. Please support!)

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Smoothie 1 – Blueberry blended with matcha tea powder, banana, cacao nibs, cinnamon & almond milk





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Smoothie 2 – Cantaloupe blended with orange, coconut milk, coconut cream, cold pressed carrot ginger juice & vanilla





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Juice Truck 0001 Juice Truck 0002

Erin Ireland’s Banana Bread in Smoothie Form. So creamy… I can’t imagine how they are able to transform this in a liquid form. It”s not too sweet, goes down so smooth.

Sprinkled on top with some macadamia nuts… one of my favorite treats!


Moreover as part of their “Indulgence” specials, The Juice Truck and Erin Ireland, a local food reporter whipped up an irresistibility unique concoction, namely the To Die For Banana Bread Smoothie is available November.
Erin- Juice Truck 3
What’s unique about this banana bread in a blender is that Ryan and Zach takes 2 slices of actual banana bread, adds in banana, cacao nibs, cinnamon, and soy milk.

To read more about the “sweet and salty” To Die For Banana Bread something even Michelin star chef, Jean-Georges Vongerichten from The Market testified to.

“Made with only the best ingredients, including Callebaut Milk Chocolate, organic bananas, olive oil, and macadamia nuts, Ireland’s product is nothing like your grandma’s banana bread.”

ryan zack

Ryan / Zach know sometimes life just gets really hectic and it’s not always easy to consume your full fruit servings with essential vitamins, minerals, and enzymes! With smoothies, energy and convenience is easily attainable. The mixture of fruits, dairy and produces creates really high quality carbohydrates which gives you a dramatic increase in energy.
Come by Abbott Street and Water Street Mon-Fri 11:30am – 5:30pm and on weekends rotating between Gastown and nearby Kitsilano. Be sure to follow them on Twitter to get the latest scoop blend or download your Eat St. App on your Iphone (click here to download).


Currently blending with ambition and anticipation is The Juice Truck’s idea to start bottling juices – a “Cleansing” solution that can be stored. What a wonderful concept. Imagine being able to buy half a dozen and keep it at home. Something that will fit my busy schedule for sure! Eventually they hope to open Store front; maybe one day soon it would be Juice Truck chains around town!

Check out coffeefoodies exclusive interview with the brains behind the juices! And upcoming INDULGENT treat ideas


Wouldn’t it be inspiring when there would be a JuiceTruck x Coffeefoodies blended Indulgence collaboration? Lychee, Mango, Coconut and Soy milk… YA? Just saying *imagine*… Who says I can’t daydream a little over some yummy fruit smoothies … one day. one. day.


Also available:

  • The Wellness Shot of wheatgrass, ginger and lemon
  • Raw Chai Brownie
  • Cacao Coconut Bar
  • Soup of the Day
  • Gastown – Historic Vancouver District
  • Street Vendor
  • Featured Food Network Canada’s Eat Street.
  • Find it on Eat St. mobile app (convenient way to see when/where they are)
  • Healthy fresh fruit juices and smoothies
  • Organic local produces


200 Abbott Street (Cross Water Street)
Vancouver, BC

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