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The Fish Counter Vancouver (Riley Park) | Budget Fish and Chips

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How to open a restaurant on a budget and still achieve the hipster cool vibe. The Fish Counter will teach you how to open a restaurant on a budget. You do not need fancy furniture, nor sexy waitresses. You do not need eye catching graphics or menu boards. Nevermind! In fact, limit your seating space, arrange for recyclable wooden forks that tastes like tongue depressor, a few metal trays lined with parchment paper, some recyclable take out containers and you are ready to rock and roll. Now that’s a restaurant with low overhead costs. Common, wouldn’t you rather save your earnings for a dividend payout?


The fish counter


The Fish Counter Vancouver Main Street 00005

Halibut Fish and Chips (1 piece) 11.90: The fish and chips at The Fish Counter wasn’t particularly bad. In fact it was quite decent. Lightly battered, crispy and still moist. The fries were thinly sliced although a slightly on the soggy side. The coleslaw was bright and had a nice mix of kale and cabbage.


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The Fish Tacos 5.95 each: Perhaps we should have strategically placed our lunch ordered better. It seems that we have both dishes consisting of fried fish. The fish tacos is basically a carbon copy of the above Halibut fish and chips mirroring the same tartar sauce, slaw, fry and batter. The only difference was some added cilantro, corn salsa and a double taco wrap. Double is always a good idea. You don’t ever want soggy tacos!



The Fish Counter Vancouver Main Street 00015

The Fish Counter Vancouver Main Street 00006

Clam Chowder: Less of a chowder and more of a bisque. The ‘chowder’ from The Fish Counter is dairy free, fresh with flavor and with a rich broth. My only complaint? I would be lovely if I can have my container more than 3/4’s full next time.


Our experience at The Fish Counter was decent. Although underwhelming at times while we vultured around and fought for a seating/standing space. I think we will be back. Maybe not in the near future tho.


When you are done eating either standing up or seated uncomfortably, please clean up after yourselves. Throw out the trash. Please and Thank You.



The Fish Counter Vancouver Main Street 00001

Oh by the way, The Fish Counter is also a fish shop that sells fresh fish. And If you decide to visit http://www.thefishcounter.com, please note they have music blasting. Turning down your speakers are recommended.



The Fish Counter on Urbanspoon

The Fish Counter
3825 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5V 3P1

Cuisine: Fish and Chips, Seafood Shop
URL: http://www.thefishcounter.com/

Tues – Sun 10am – 8pm
Closed Monday




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