The Factory, Vancouver (Downtown)

Factory 0011

If there was ever regret on going to The Factory, I have 2.

1.)    I brought my entertainment book and forgot to use the coupon.

2.)    I wish I had 6-12 beers before eating the fine dishes at this establishment. I’ll explain why.

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Cuisine: Pub
Price/Entrée: 5: Excellent)
Food: 2
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 2
Overall: 2.5

We were motivated to visit this restaurant after reading an article on Vancouver Magazine featuring “Best Things to Eat and Drink in Vancouver 2011” When you see a 10 inch tall sandwich with an overload of protein held together by a steak knife, how do you say no to that?

Factory 0001

Factory 0005

When we walked in, the décor reminded me of a wall full of promotional posters promoting an up and coming band playing at the Commodore. There was a bartender, and one waitress in charge of 3-5 tables.

Factory 0009

Factory 0015

Factory 0020

Obviously we ordered the famous ANACONDA. When it was placed on the table, you begin to realize that its 4 loafs of Wonder Bread stacked with a giant hamburger patty covered in what appears to be mozzarella cheese. The top part of the Sandwich is an individual grilled cheese. There were some veggies in there but I don’t think it’ll convince you that it’s somewhat healthy. I thought to myself, did I like it? Was it delicious? The answer I had in my head at the time was ‘MEH’. I guess this sandwich would be so kickass if I just pounded a dozen of jagerbombs chased with bud light. When sober, I can see the imperfections in construction of this stack of bread.

Factory 0016

Factory 0017

Next thing we ordered was the Fish Tacos. This was another disappointment in my opinion. Soft tacos consisting of beans, corn, pepper, red cabbage and in house Baja Dressing. The fish was overcooked and tough, which made me think that this restaurant is more of a bar serving pub food.

Factory 0012

At the end of the day, I don’t think this is one of the best things to eat in Vancouver in 2011. Maybe it was one of the best things to eat in the 1970’s when Hon’s was the only foreign cuisine choice. When I ponder to see if I will ever return to The Factory, I am sure I would if I ever go to clubbing, get smashed, and wanted to grab a bite after.


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