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When was the last time you went to Steveston? What was the purpose of the visit? There are many reasons to why tourists and locals go. I personally go for a nostalgic escape. Sometimes I needed to get away from the concrete jungle that surrounds us. The noises of the city, and stressfulness of everyday life consumes us and vacation cannot come any sooner.

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My solution every Saturday is to get in my car and start driving. I get up bloody early because I want to watch the sunrise at the dock. At the same time, I am anticipating to purchase the freshest seafood available. After that, I can get the best waffles made in town, and end up sipping coffee at one of the most relaxing coffee shops in town.

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Let’s look at the history of Steveston. How it became one of the best tourist attractions, and explore the different possibilities while visiting.




Steveston was discovered in 1877-1878. The economy was consisting of Salmon Cannery. In the summer, salmon canning and fishing attracts a large number of fisherman’s to settle at the village. Unfortunately, the canning business began to slow down in the 90’s. Today, The Gulf of Georgia Cannery is a National Historic Site of Canada.


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Fisherman’s Market:

The CF crew drove out bloody early this morning in the blistering cold. As we arrived at the Fisherman’s Wharf, there were parked boats on the dock selling fish. Fresh fish offered at outrageous good prices. As were walking along, we heard $5 for 3 pounds of fish, $6 for a whole salmon or cod. Just for comparison, Save On Foods is selling hand peeled shrimp for $2.99 per 100mg!

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Entrance to the open fish market.

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You can see every ship parked there has their tarps up because the wind was blowing so hard that day.

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The first boat we encountered.

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$6 / Pc. Great deal. Poached salmon with sweet mustard sauce? Fish Fillet? Salmon Roe Roll? Endless possibilities.

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$5 / 3 lbs… I just spent $20 bucks the night before for a fraction of that at the supermarket. =(

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Mr. Fisherman with a GQ pose.

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I am so glad the fishing boats showed up. It was such a cold windy day but it did not discourage the fishermen nor the shoppers. I regret not getting my cooler that day. That way we could’ve had fresh seafood for dinner. We will definitely come back at least once a month. You cannot have enough fresh quality ingredients.


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Next off, follow CF as they sip coffee on such a blistering cold day in one of the most comfortable coffee shops in all of Richmond. We’ll also go shopping to see what we can find.

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