Starbucks Coffee Blonde Roast #Newsflash


Starbucks is one of my go-to coffee shops, mainly because of its consistency and convenience – There is always one near you.

One of my favourite brew is the Christmas blend, but since you can’t get Christmas year around, you have to explore for something special.


Currently promoting is the Blonde Roast Coffee – available in Veranda Blend and Willow (regular and decaf).

I was intrigued to see the yellow and white packaging since it felt like spring was in the air. This is much needed due to the recent gloomy weather in Vancouver.


My barista gave me a sample of the VIA Veranda and the blend is light yet sharp. It is not very acidic – something to savor on an afternoon breezy day sort of coffee. Perfected with Latin American beans for a shorter time for a gentler more mellow experience. The aroma smells somewhat like freshly baked bread and at first sip it tastes slightly like hazelnut… a nutty toasted burst.

Since it is still a VIA instant pack, I am sure the full brewed will taste slightly different.


For my mornings, I think I will stick with my grande dark for now… until it begins brewing on Feb 9 2012.

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