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Recipe – DIY Holy Crap



There is a certain satisfaction when cooking, baking or making your own concoction of something pre-packaged / store bought. Sometimes it is out of sheer laziness, sometimes it’s a fear from failure that I will either burn, parch, over-bake and be left with a mess. Sometimes, “The only real stumbling block is fear of failure. In cooking you’ve got to have a what-the-hell attitude.” – Julia Child.



I began eating Holy Crap for breakfast with my oatmeal the past while because I found that I was left satiated a lot longer with all the wonderful benefits of fibre. But the feeling of paying $10.99 on a good day or $13.99 regularly left my wallet and my stomach little empty.


One day it dawned on me while I was walking through the bulk section of my local supermarket that I should make my own Holy Crap. Maybe I will call it Holy Shit. While some items are not available via bulk, they were at Costco and a local organic foods store.






I like to drink Avalon milk because it taste creamier and I absolutely love the fact they use glass milk bottles. Reuse them as a water jug, cereal / bulk containers! Save them for your flowers. The industrial look is priceless.


I don’t have a particular recipe when I made my Holy Shit. But if you must 1 cup of each and a tablespoon of cinnamon for taste. I just funnelled everything in layers like you would for decorative sand jar. In the end give it a good shake before every meal.

holy crap breakfast cereal 00003

As you can see from the approximate breakdown, there is significant savings to be made. A package of Holy Crap lasts me approximate 8 days with two spoons / day.

holy crap breakfast cereal 00007





Hemp Hearts


Chia (Noir)






Cranberry (dried)


Goji berry (dried)






approx 2 months


per serving**



**I have plenty of left overs to make several bottles.

vs  Holy Crap $13.99 / 8 days = 1.75
holy crap breakfast cereal 00005

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6 thoughts on “Recipe – DIY Holy Crap”

  • I have bought this product before and loved it but like you it was way to expensive for me. I will be making this for sure, but I don’t remember how to cook it up, can you help with that. Thanks

    • Hi Carla… you don’t need to cook it. Simply add to any cereal or yogurt. Best to let the mix rest for 5 mins to allow the chia seeds to expand (tapioca like coating). Enjoy =)

  • Thank you, I thought flax would be a great addition to it. My son eats this stuff daily so am going to make my own and see if he can tell the difference. I may dehydrate some apples and chunk it up so it’s even more like theirs.

    • the apples is such a great idea!! i should to that too! also, if you like goji berries… it’s a great addition to add some!

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