Si Yik Cafe 泗益赤柱 Hong Kong | Stanley Market HK Cafe

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Si Yik Cafe 泗益赤柱 down by Stanley Market hidden behind produce and tourists. This weathered cafe apparently is known for their pain perdu French Toast. If you aren’t chasing the rabbit, it can be easily missed. Deliberately missed too, mind you, for its filth and grim. Dave was determined to taste what the hype was all about.

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I am certain that all sorts of health codes have been violated. The place is tattered and run down. But it does not stop traffic one bit. It is almost hard to find a seat. Everyone is ordering French Toast and instant noodles to go along with soda pops.

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Pork Chop with Fried Egg Instant Noodles: Not sure what it is, but there is a certain fascination with Hong Kong cafes serving up instant noodles that makes regular egg noodles hard to complete with. The noodles were al dente and not soggy, such would if left under boiling hot water for too long. The pork chop was tender but very oily. The seasoning wasn’t particularly memorable and probably come from the residue built up over the years.

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French Toast: ahhh, the infamous french toast smothered with butter and kaya spread. The kaya spread was less coconut-y that I envisioned but the toast itself was soft and moist, accompanied by a slight crunch.

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Don’t forget to stretch your legs around the pier after being packed inside this tiny cafe. Don’t put your belongings on the floor and remember to keep it close to you.

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Si Yik Cafe 泗益
URL: na
Cuisine: Chinese, Hong Kong Cafe

2 Stanley Market St, Stanley, Hong Kong
+852 2813 0503

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