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Pryme Vessyl Smart Water Cup | Track Your Water Hydration Intake

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Last week I received my Pryme Vessyl from the ClassPass Ambassador hydration Snapchat challenge (👻 instanomss) on how much water we drink in a day and to rate the Pryme Vessyl water bottle. Pryme Vessyl is an intelligent cup that automatically tracks your water intake via Bluetooth app on my Apple Iphone/Ipad (sorry Android users).

It takes into account your height, weight, age and gender. Pryme also includes tracking for activity levels and hours of sleep.

Pryme Vessyl Intelligent Cup comes with wire-free charging coaster, USB cord and power supply.

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First Look: I really liked the clean aesthetics of the white cup with subtle light notifications as you drink. It was a conversation starter at work and at a few studios. The lid wasn’t hard to open and close as some people had reported. Maybe it was because I watched their YouTube video.
The white while it was pretty it got grungy pretty quickly. Lipsticks would stain and took some time to clean. I also liked that it sent me notification if I haven’t drank anything for a while. I noticed that I sip pretty consistently throughout the day. Every 30 mins or so.
Washing was a tad annoying as I couldn’t throw it in the dishwasher. Also I was worried about putting tea or hot water in it.

Water Bottle Size: 16 oz was not enough while being in the office needlessly to say while sweating it out on the megaformer and definitely not during a spin class. I would finish it in 2 sips! Or if I hadn’t spilled it all over myself. The lid is not spill proof.  A bigger size Pryme would also be good. 1L size or more would be fabulous!
Improvements: it would be great it the lid seals and did not leak. Screw on lid would be great like regular water bottles. Water would easily leak all over you if you didn’t drink it the right way. Or if it tilt over in your gym bag you’re screwed. You would get wet gym clothes 😫 A bigger size Pryme would also be good. 1L size or more would be fabulous!
But overall a pretty product to look at but wasn’t very functional. In the beginning I was pretty excited about tracking my water intake. But that excitement worn off fast. Great startups concept but useless in reality. I’ll just use my regular water bottles!





Optimal hydration can lead to mental balance, physical endurance, more energy and much more

Pryme app provides real-time personalised insights and notifications

Connects with Apple Watch to keep your Pryme accurate

Simple manual entry screen for the times when you’re not drinking from your Pryme Vessyl

Made with premium materials: Tritan exterior, durable glass interior, polished nickel-plated base

Perfect for both hot and cold water-like beverages

Easily fits in standard-sized cup holders

Holds up to 0.45 litre (16 fluid ounces)

Did you notice?

Tilt your Vessyl to activate a beautifully discreet display on the front that shows your Pryme status.

URL: https://myvessyl.com retails USD $99

Shop online: Apple.com

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1 thought on “Pryme Vessyl Smart Water Cup | Track Your Water Hydration Intake”

  • Thanks for the review! We had a blast following along on your Snapchat. In regards to the ease of cleaning, the exterior has a soft grip touch, which cleans more easily with just your hands and soap. Many people use sponges for lipstick, but the hand is actually more effective.

    You are correct about the lid, it’s spill-resistant, not leak-proof. We do have something to help with that… coming soon ;-). We also have something up our sleeves for the volume issue.

    Thanks again for trying out Pryme. We don’t expect to be for everyone, but we love getting the feedback from as many people as we can.

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