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Pepper Lunch Canada | DIY Fast Food Steak

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Pepper Lunch, a popular Japanese DIY Fast Food Steak restaurant that will open March 14, 2014 in Richmond #150 – 5951 No. 3 Road. We got the sneak peak and here to share with you what’s happening!

Pepper Lunch Richmond will be the first franchise in North American and in Metro Vancouver. Pepper Lunch will offer a variety of teppanyaki style meal options where diners can sizzle and cook it their way on a special patented hot plate. You are in control. You can decided how well you would like your steak done.

The unique design patented in Japan is part of Pepper Lunch successful formula by Pepper Lunch’s founder, Chef and Inventor Kunio Ichinose. It uses a special electromagnetic cooker (the iron plate) will heat up to 260˚C in 70 seconds and remain hot at approximately 80˚C for more than 20 minutes. Your food is always hot and customers can enjoy full flavor.

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Pepper Lunch was established in 1994 in Japan. It currently has over 200 locations worldwide, including Australia and Canada.

Pepper Lunch Canada will use only Canadian Certified Angus Beef, and fresh local ingredients.

The menu offers a variety of sizzling steaks and meats, pastas, and curry rice. Their signature Beef Pepper Rice. Meals are served with one of two sauces: 1. Amakuchi – honey brown sauce, and 2. Karakuchi – garlic soy sauce.

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Beef Pepper Rice: Comes on a piping hot plate complete with corn,  sprouts, green peas and thinly sliced tender beef. I like to let the bottom cook a little to make it crispy before mixing everything together.

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New York Steak: A good sized tender New York Steak that is pre-cut. You can cook to your desired level. Place the meat on top of the veggies to stop the cooking process. Add in some rice and let it absorb the au jus.

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Kobe Style Burger: I love this juicy patty of beef. It is juicy and well seasoned. You know what would be great? To have a combo of this Kobe Style Burger patty with their signature Pepper Rice!

Pepper Lunch Canada on Urbanspoon

Pepper Lunch Canada
URL: http://pepperlunchcanada.com/
Cuisine: Seafood, Steakhouse, Pacific Northwest

Monday – Sunday 11:00am – 10:00pm

#150 – 5951 No. 3 Road, Richmond, BC Canada V6X 2E1
(604) 285-5933

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