Nagano Japanese Restaurant, Coquitlam / Port Moody

Nagano Japanese Restaurant first began in Newport Village in Port Moody over ten years ago. I still remember when I first started going when I was in high school. With so many sushi restaurants opening and closing, there are maybe a few I would consider best Japanese restaurant in Coquitlam / Tri-Cities area. Shyun Sushi, Osamu, and Nagago would be your best choice IMO.

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Nagano soon expanded its operations to Glen Drive by Coquitlam Center. It is a sign that this place retains loyal customers and attracts new ones with its quality ingredients and friendly services.
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The Coquitlam Center location is trendier, while the Newport one is more traditional. Both are good and depends which location you are closer to. Nagano Coquitlam, has private party rooms along the back, section tables and a sushi bar with high chairs in the front. Polaroids of restaurant parties, guests, and staff makes the sushi bar rooftop more personable and character. Sometimes if you are lucky, the owner / chef will be in house making your sushi, sashimi or rolls. He is always sociable and comes by for a chat!

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Usually they are complimentary starters…


Tonight was bite size teriyaki salmon with house special sauce.
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Seafood Croquette $6.99
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Bite size karrage balls with drizzled with tonkutsu sauce. Inside is mashed potatoe, seafood and carrots.

Sometimes because they are so bite size that they become a little charred and hard.


Toro Sashimi $15.99
nagano sushi 015

Generous portion of fatty tuna belly that melts in your mouth.


Rocky Point Roll $10.99
nagano sushi 011
nagano sushi 012

Real crab accented with big hotate and tobiko. Swimmingly fresh real crab cali roll topped with scallop.




Sometimes if you have special requests, they are more than happy to accommodate and make recommendations. Don’t be afraid to ask / be adventurous!
Iniri Sushi stuff Crab Meat, Chopped Scallops, and Tobiko
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nagano sushi 013

I was first introduced to this at Osamu Sushi (click) another one of my favorite go-to sushi places. The chef recommended it after. Iniri sweet bean curd is opened (instead of the typical folded with rice inside) stuff with goodies!

Smoked Salmon and Cream Cheese $10.99
nagano sushi 018

Slightly disappointed that there were no “cream cheese” type fusion rolls on the menu. We asked if this was possible.
nagano sushi 017
Some smoked salmon, cream cheese, tobiko, wasabi mayo


Also one of my favourites here is the oranges that are served afterwards.
nagano sushi 019

No worries of getting your hands dirty!



To finish off, green tea and mango ice cream
nagano sushi 020

nagano sushi 021
Also notable:

  • Silk Worm Roll – chopped scallop, tobiko, amaebi wrapped with avocado
  • Chirashi Don – assorted sashimi and rice
  • BBQ
  • Ebi Mayo
  • Black Cod



  • Japanese / Fusion
  • One of Coquitlam’s best Japanese Restaurant
  • Opens Late until 1am
  • Friendly service


Nagano Japanese Restaurant

Two Locations:

  • 254 Newport Drive, Port Moody, BC
  • 2918 Glen Drive, Coquitlam, BC


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