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Ken’s Chinese Restaurant Vancouver | 南軒中西美食

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Ken’s Chinese Restaurant Vancouver 南軒中西美食 is a small Chinese cafe located on 1097 Kingsway. It is directly across from Dai Tung Chinese Restaurant. I have seen this place many times, drove past it without going in, and have seen their commercials hundreds of times. Yet, I have not gone in until now. Did you know that their Golden Dungeness Crab was once featured in Conde Nast Traveller (2010)?

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We were invited by ChineseBites along with few fellow bloggers for menu tasting at Ken’s Chinese Restaurant南軒中西美食.

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Fish Soup with Winter Melon & Dried Scallop 瑤柱冬瓜粒魚湯: We started the evening with a calming soup to nourish and hydrate our bodies. This appetizing soup includes a lot of ingredients like shrimp, fish filet and winter melon.

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Ken’s Specialty Chicken 南軒走地雞: this free range chicken was moist, tender and meaty. There is a nice layer of gelatin beneath the skin but the chicken is not fatty. I love dipping it the ginger and green onion sauce. In fact, I love pouring this sauce into my rice.

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Lobster with Konnyaku in Hot Pot 芋絲龍蝦煲: This is one of their CRA dish. The lobster is flash fried and meaty. The sauce is well-balanced while still maintaining the fresh flavors of the lobster itself. Konyaku was great vehicle to soak in the sauces.

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Crab with Garlic & Spicy XO Sauce XO 金蒜炒蟹: Salt and pepper crab is one of my favorite dishes of the night. I love the subtle heat, crispy coating and the fragrant aroma of garlic and jalapeno peppers all tossed together. The crab itself was fresh and meaty.

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Golden Dungeness Crab 金沙蟹: This is another CRA-winning dish at Ken’s. The crab itself is fried and then tossed with salted duck egg yolk. “Golden salted egg yolk” is a very creamy, fatty and rich “sauce”. There is a mild saltiness against the buttery crab meat. Personally I much enjoyed the garlic and spicy XO sauce crab much more.

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Braised Fatty Layer Pork 杭州東玻肉: A super fatty stewed pork belly. Just don’t think about the calories being consumed. Just go spin, run, or lift some weights after. The pork belly melts and dissolves in your mouth. The sauce is deliciously rich, it makes even broccoli sexy.

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Pan Fried Chicken Fillet with Spicy Thai Sauce 泰汁煎雞扒: The chicken was tender and has a sweet and sour with mild heat.

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Black Pepper Diced Beef Tenderloin 七彩黑椒牛柳粒: The beef was very tender – but to me it was too artificially tender that it is missing that beefy texture and chew. I was not fond of this dish.

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Malaysia Style Fried Rice 馬拉臘味炒飯: a great option if you are thinking of ordering rice. Green onions, egg scramble, diced meat and veggies.

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Baked Seafood on Rice 焗海鮮飯: Seafood rice baked with a white cream sauce. There are shrimp, fish and squid inside. A good filling rice dish staple at many Chinese Hong Kong cafes.

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Ken’s Chinese Restaurant is a good place if you are looking for casual Cantonese food that won’t break the bank!

Ken’s Chinese Restaurant 南軒中西美食
URL: http://kenschineserestaurant.ca
Cuisine: Chinese

Thursday 11AM–1AM
Friday 11AM–1AM
Saturday 11AM–1AM
Sunday 11AM–1AM
Monday 11AM–1AM
Tuesday 11AM–1AM
Wednesday 11AM–1AM

1097 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3C7
(604) 873-6338

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