July Highlights | Top Five Best Restaurants in Vancovuer

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It’s summer in Vancouver and this means lots of fresh seafood, local fruits and refreshing summer drinks. But where to go? Our July Highlights Top Five Best Restaurants in Vancouver will make you drool.

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Wishes + Luck Vancouver, Commercial Drive | www.wishesandluck.com | Chef Ciaran Chung’s summer menu will bring out the fat kid in you. This chocolate tart has fun jujubes colors with raspberries, lemon curd and meringue. Order their Boozy Bowl and other Pacific Northwest fare and enjoy a summer patio session on their nice cedar patio.

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Torafuku Vancouver 寅福, Chinatown | http://torafuku.ca | The Lucky Tiger is opened by the folks at Le Tigre Food Truck Restaurant. Menu focused on modern Asian Fusion cuisine a la izakaya-style.  Asian inspired cocktails prepared by bartender Max Borrowman. Get the satisfying Dirty Birdy fried rice with chicken liver, prawns, tofu, chili, egg, and brown rice or a heated Rye So Messy Chicken Wings.

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MELU Juice and Health Bar Vancouver, Coal Harbour | http://www.melujuice.com | MELU Juice is a brand new cold press juicery on 1110 West Pender. This juice shop focuses on fresh cold press juices, raw vegan  and gluten free desserts and salads. If you haven’t tried their guilt-free health bars you better run! These health bars are amazingly delicious! No joke. They are not only raw, vegan, gluten free but also made without baking or heat to maintain the highest nutritional level.

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Lips Resto Vancouver, Davie Street | http://lipsresto.com | Lips Resto is a newly opened elegant restaurant on Davie Street with a million-dollar renovation budget. We loved their Elk Tartare with fried bread! Not crostinis or chips, but fried bread. I could eat a basket full. The tartare comes with blueberry compote, tender greens, rosemary emulsion, and smoked egg yolk. Need we say more?

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Zest Japanese Cuisine Vancouver, Kitsilano | http://zestjapanese.com | A casual fine dining Japanese restaurant near UBC. The restaurant Owner/Chef Yoshiaki Maniwa has won Best Upscale Japanese 2014 award by Vancouver Magazine. For $90 the Omakase Menu requires 24 hours notice prepared by Owner/Chef Yoshiaki Maniwa.

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