The Juice Box Organic Cold Press Juice | 3 Day Juice Cleanse

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The Juice Box is a 100% organic cold press juicery in Vancouver. I have tried their juices before but never as part of a three day juice cleanse. I love incorporating fresh fruit and vegetable juices into my diet – often times I need that extra boast of essential vitamins, minerals, and acids in my body when I feel most sluggish. We just came off from a mini-vacation to Portland, I was really excited to get an invite to try a 3 days juice cleanse from The Juice Box!

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I love juicing and have tried many juiceries local and aboard – The Juice TruckThe Juicery & Co, Glory Juice Co, The Juice Shop – just to name a few. I would often make my own juices at home with a trusty Two Speed Juice Fountain. Juicing is a fast way to bank as much nutrients in your body and is helpful to catalyze and spring cleanse your internal organs. Flush out the toxins and detox unnatural substances.


What I like about The Juice Box:

Glass bottles vs plastic bottles. Glass bottles better maintain the nutritional integrity of the ingredients albeit a little heavy to carry a day’s worth of cleanse to and from work!

Variety of flavors that are great for everyday drinking and also part of a cleanse. My favorite right now is their Lavender Almond.

Three different juice cleanse options available dependent on your body weight and lifestyle

  1. The Chief Cleanse – the Original Juice Box Cleanse for a balance and efficient cleanse
  2. The Grind Cleanse – most advanced cleanse offering. It is a no fuss, straight up intense deep clean that will leave you feeling detoxed and energized.
  3. The Seawall Cleanse –  easy stroll great for beginners. It is packed with 6 amazing tasting juices and one delicious Nut Milk.

I did the Chief Cleanse but individualized it by switching out Apple Lemon Ginger juice for the Almond Milk. I choose to do this because I actively workout with ClassPass (Get $25 off first month’s membership with this LINK).

I know I need the extra calories after an intense sweat session! When doing a juice cleanse (or any time of cleanse for that matter) is knowing your body, what it needs and how to compliment/enhance your lifestyle!

During my 3 day juice cleanse with The Juice Box, I had was full and had enough energy to go to work and also pack in a spin class and a run! I have to admit, I miss chewing on food. The first 2 days are always the hardest. The third day I felt renewed.

  • 1 Day Cleanse 59.99
  • 3 Day Cleanse 179.99
  • 5 Day Cleanse 299.99

For a complete Juice Cleanse Comparison in Vancouver … see more HERE.

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Get 10% off your The Juice Box juice cleanse with promo code: juiceboxnomss – expires 3/31 2016.

The Juice Box
Cuisine: Cold Press Juice, Juice Cleanse

1114 W Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6E 4J6
Phone:(604) 559-1677

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