Janice Cake Shop 凱悅餅廊, Richmond

Richmond is one of the epic centers for Chinese bakeries and cake shops… You are bound to find one every couple of blocks or a few within the same complex. Even so, not all cake shops are the same or uses quality ingredients. Some targets to quantity (ex. 3 buns for $1.50); some for convenience (ex. your local supermarket); and others for quality, taste, and texture… Janice Cake Shop – located between Capstan Way and No. 3 Rd in Richmond, nestled inside Union Square Shopping Centre, makes some of Lower Mainland’s best bread, birthday cakes and moon cakes!!

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Cuisine: Asian Bakery, Cakeshop
Price/Entrée: $1.50-3.00
Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 4.5
Service: 3.5
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 4.5

Ever wonder why there is that awful sour after-taste to post buns consumption? As if biting into a “center-less” red-bean bun wasn’t enough (btw most supermarket bought breads I find have this problem… I’m constantly looking for the “filling” that somehow got misplaced during the process…). It turns out that the blame is either on using too much baking powder or yeast (purpose is for the batter to rise rapidly); another source of bitterness could be that your flour has gone rancid.

Many Chinese bakeries uses the ‘tang zhong” 湯種 method … meaning ‘flour paste’. This works amazingly to produce the fluffy bread. The gluten in the flour / water mixture would absorb moisture and become leavened at 65°C.

Janice`s bakery is delish, none of that disgusting bitter sour nonsense!

Imitation crab, corn, and ham bun
Janice Cake Shop 061 Janice Cake Shop 060
riveting – soft and creamy in every bite.

Mini Chicken Pot Pie
Janice Cake Shop 062 Janice Cake Shop 063
warm out of the oven, hearty chicken bites with black pepper center. The crust is not flaky but is soft and flavorful.

They have a rainbow full of flavors for their cakes and Swiss rolls that all range from good to excellent. By far the best is fresh mango mousse, tiramisu and grapefruit/coconut cakes. Their black sesame is actually not bad either.

Janice Cake Shop 42 Janice Cake Shop 399

Swiss Rolls are light, fluffy and creamy…

Janice Cake Shop 058 Janice Cake Shop 432

Now that Mid-Autumn Festival (held on the 15th day of the eighth month) is just around the corner, Janice offers not only traditional Moon Cakes月餅), but also Mini Iced Moon Cake versions with flavours ranging from, mango, black sesame, matcha green tea, durian, chocolate, etc… Best part is they allow you to mix and match!

Janice Cake Shop 439 Janice Cake Shop 441
Mango has a tantalizing freshness…

Janice Cake Shop 37 Janice Cake Shop 440

Black sesame is fragrant, creamy with a bold center.

Some people complaint about their service (or lack thereof) but I personally never had any problems… Trade-off is pay slightly more than other Asian bakeries but for the quality and flavor selection i`m willing to sacrifice a pretty penny or two… Its definitely worth it!!

Tip: buy over $20 at once to received a 10% off VIP card (usually only given away twice a year – June and Christmas) … bon appetite!
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