James Snack, 占士叻煲仔飯, Richmond

Who would have thought that one of the best places to get clay pot rice would be at a hidden food court in Richmond? I discovered this place about 5 years ago, when my colleague was ordering food for everyone, and I had to go pick it up. What I’ve learned from James Snack is that you don’t want to order on the spot when you have arrived. Clay pot rice needs tender love and care. It takes time to get the semi brunt crust to form and for all the flavors from the ingredients to be absorbed by the rice. I think it takes them at least half an hour of prep.

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Cuisine: Hong Kong, Chinese
Price/Entrée: >$10

Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 3.5
Service: 1
Ambiance: 1
Overall: 3.5 (Just here for the clay pot rice)

James Snack P1010445

James Snack P1010443

I saw a lot of the other bloggers have been raving about the ostrich meat and sadly, I haven’t had the opportunity to have it yet. The two I want to introduce to you today are:

James Snack P1010453

Free Range Chicken with Mushroom: The chicken is so succulent, and the mushroom adds a smoky flavour.

James Snack P1010451

Minced Meat with Salt Mustard: This is amongst my go to clay pot rice flavor. I like minced meat cakes. My favorite thing to do is to use the spoon to break the cake and then pour the soy sauce into the rice.

Steps to eat clay pot rice (my way):

1.)   Break apart the ingredients and the rice.

2.)   Pour soy sauce into the pot.

3.)   Eat =)

4.)   When you’re done you’ll notice the burnt rice crusted on the side of the pot. DO NOT leave that. Try to scrape it off and eat it. This is the BEST part of the rice.

Just want you to pay attention to number 8 on this card here. It says that it’s FROG with ginger sauce. James is not joking! It is frog. What does it taste like? It tastes like Chicken but a little less smooth, a little bit more flavourful. I haven’t had the opportunity to have it here but I had it in Hong Kong. I love it!

James Snack P1010450





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