IVY PARK Beyoncé Fitness Collection | Workout Gym Gear

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Beyonce debut Ivy Park activewear collection launch today. Now it’s time to sweat it out like Beyonce. Wear Bey-designed clothes and work out like a pro with ClassPass.  Ivy Park is now a full-fledged fashion label in corroboration and co-owned 50/50 with Topshop’s owner, Sir Philip Green.

Here’s my picks for Beyonce’s debut Ivy Park.

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Seamless Racer Vest by Ivy Park $35

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Stretch-jersey sports bra by Ivy Park $25

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Drop Armhole Tank by Ivy Park $25

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Logo Mesh Tee by Ivy Park $25

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Logo Mesh Tee by Ivy Park $25

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Reflective Cross-Back Crop by Ivy Park $25

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Corded ’04’ Sweatshirt by Ivy Park $25

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Ribbed Logo Beanie by Ivy Park $25

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Logo Mesh Tee by Ivy Park $25

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