Gyo-O Kaisen Shokudo Japanese Restaurant 王海食堂, Richmond

Another Gyoza King produced Japanese Resto specifically featuring remarkable seafood and serving Donburi, Gyo-O Roll (fresh sashimi on sushi rice roll) , Ramen, Udon and Takoyakis… Unlike G-Be Izakaya Japanese Restaurant in Burnaby or Gyoza King on Robson Street downtown, Gyo-O is a quaint little hideaway in Central Richmond (Continental Centre between Sexsmith and Cambie). Fully decorated to bring you to the Land of the Rising Sun (Japan) with vivid traditional Japanese art work on one wall netted together with wooden block panels on the other two. Small wooden tables line the sushi bar and booth seats thru out.

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Cuisine: Japanese, Noodles, Rice Bowls
Price/Entrée: $10-20

Out of 5… (1: Don’t bother —> 5: Excellent)
Food: 4
Service: 3.0
Ambiance: 3.5
Overall: 3.5

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Gyo-O meaning “Fish King” is focused on seasonal fresh seafood cultured with enhanced experiences. The service is attentive and very courteous. Such politeness is deeply ingrained into the culture and if you ever have a chance to visit Japan you will know what I mean. Food arrives prompt and the portions are generous. Often you will bump elbows with a few regular Japanese customers.

Seafood Tonkatsu Ramen $9.50

Clams, Squid, Prawns abound with seaweed. Pork bone broth is thick and flavorful however slightly on the salty side.


NEW Garlic Ramen (Tonkatsu or Miso Broth) $9.75

Chose from either tonkatsu or miso broth with garlic. Broth again is thick and delicious; unfortunately also heavy on the salt. Sprinkle some nanami togarashi chili pepper if you prefer it more spicy!

Seafood Yukke Don $10

(Chopped Tuna, Salmon, Squid, Prawn, Fishcake, Tako wasabi in marinated Sweet Soy sauce with Half Boiled Egg on Rice). served with miso soup.

This rice is huge and hard to finish by one person. Loaded with Chopped Tuna, Salmon, Squid, Prawn, Fishcake, Tako wasabi in marinated Sweet Soysauce with Half Boiled Egg on Rice. The egg is poached so incredibly right – golden thickness gooey, slightly hardened on the outside; yet melts in your mouth. Heavenly!

Salmon Ikura Don $10

Loaded with plump juicy ikuras freshness you can taste with each pop in your mouth. Fresh salmon sashimi abound this rice bowl. If only it was wild fresh sockeye salmon instead of farm it would truly be complete. Again, a huge portion for one person.

Ikura Don

So ridiculously loaded with ikuras it makes one think you could swim in it. Every pop of roe is sensational; But I must say, it gets overwhelming, best to share!

As you can tell Gyo-O specializes in海鮮丼Kaisen Don – meaning “seafood” on rice. The main focus is for the seafood, be it cooked or raw sashimi-ed to be swimmingly fresh in every bite. Mix well with wasabi and specially seasoned shoyu sauce – on the side or immerse into your bowl.

Come fall to winter it becomes Uni season and this is the time that I eagerly await to come yearly. The golden cushions are colloquially referred to as the roe (eggs). Sea Urchins require a rather acquired palate and not everyone enjoys it – some think it looks disgusting, for me? Heavenly! These marine invertebrates are considered a delicacy in Japan and usually has a light, sweet and briny flavour – about 126 calories a pop and 100 edible grams.

Uni Hotate Don sea urchin & scallop Don うにホタテS 海胆拼帆立刺身
005 (3)

As Julia Child would say …

you are so hypnotized by everything … that you feel grateful to pay the bill…

Every season, Gyo-O offers an extensive Uni menu to satisfy my every desire when it comes to uni…

  • Uni Squid Don
  • Uni Salmon Don
  • Uni Scallop, Ikura
  • Roll and Sushi Pieces

Also, notable…

Gyo-O Style Assorted Sashimi Roll
008 (3)
Uni, Salmon, Toro served with seaweed, pickles on a cucumber roll.

Special Kaisen Tempura Don
Deep fried assorted seafood and veggies on rice.

I wish I could recommend the dessert offered here (mochi, macaroons, soy milk pudding, mango pudding, green tea ice cream); but unfortunately they do not live up to the calibre demonstrated above… the mochis were somewhat hard and macaroons were left in bags much too long. Better stick to the matcha ice cream!

Come early to avoid line ups! ITADAKIMASU!

PS – they serve UCC coffee!! mmmmm

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