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Go Gung Korean BBQ Coquitlam | Beef Short Ribs Kalbi

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古宮 Go Gung Korean BBQ Coquitlam in Westwood Plateau is one of my favorite Korean restaurants. This Korean restaurant is one of the cleanest. The interior space is bright and open with water wheel fountain and stonewall dividers. Service is friendly and prompt. The drive is a little far for you Vancouverites. It is even a bit of a trek for me up the mountain in Coquitlam.

More importantly, it has one of the best meat quality. Although prices are above average, you get what you pay for. The grills are not typical Korean barbecue grill pan. Go Gung uses open grill. This is better because the oil will not burn on the plate with you meat on top.

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Korean Seafood Pancake | Haemul Pajeon: Traditional veggie and seafood pancake with morsels of squid, octopus, shrimp. Mixed with a little batter, some scallions and a little dipping sauce and you have yourself a Korean pizza. Served on a hot pan. The sauce is sweet with a hint of spiciness. The dish is filling and good for any hungry party.

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Soft Tofu Soup | Soondooboo: is a hot and spicy Korean stew made with tofu, veggies, mushrooms, onions, scallions and chili power. A soft poached egg. This soup is perfect for cold nights and is true comfort food.

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Korean sides | banchan: everyday it is different. But typically it consists of sweet potatoes, kimchi, seaweed, and bean sprouts. My favorite side dish at Go Gong is their potato salad. It is slightly sweet. I can never get enough.

Go Gung Korean BBQ Restaurant 古宮
URL: na
Cuisine: Barbecue, Korean

11 am – 10:00 pm

1410 Parkway Boulevard, Coquitlam, BC V3E 3J7
(604) 552-7722

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