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We were recently approached by GLAD and their representing PR agency to try out the latest GLAD To Go Lunch Containters. Lunch boxes is nothing new, but I like the dressing cups that snaps into the lid. I always seem to forget to bring salad dressing or nuts. This way I will always remember to snap it on the lids. Each package contains 4 sets of the Glad® To Go Lunch Containers along with a lunch bag. Each lunch container holds 32 oz and 4 snap-in dressing cups of 1.5 oz. The containers are reusable as well as dishwasher, freezer and microwave safe, and BPA-free. These containers are designed to seal in freshness and allow you to conveniently transport them unlike before because you could now pack your salad and dressing or send fruits to your kids at school all-in-one container.


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First things first we tested for the Glad® To Go Lunch Containers was to put them to the dishwasher and the microwave. Then again, I don’t suggest you microwave your food in plastic containers. We wanted to see if they would deform in any way. Pretty Sturdy. This was a good sign especially when the ones I’ve tried would be rather mangled after a few uses. One thing we’ve noticed before even starting any recipies with these containers is that the mini dressing cups wouldn’t be quite enough to hold a vinaigrette without spilling as you seal it with the lid. Volume-wise the container wouldn’t hold much greens either. I guess this would be a great way to portion control our food intake. Hello Beach Body! Nothing short for a few fine tunings!


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Overall, I’m pretty impressed these Glad® To Go Lunch Container. Although not exactly a revolutionary idea to save time, money and waste less but it will definitely something everyone can incorporate into their busy lifestyles. Our friends and parents seem to love them so far!


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