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Food News: Wine and Chocolate: The Perfect Pair this Valentine’s Day

Lakeview Wine Co Milk chocolate – Lakeview Cellars Merlot 2013Lakeview Wine Co FRESH Opportunities Riesling Gewurztraminer 2016 Lakeview Wine Co EastDell Black Label Shiraz 2015

Wine and Chocolate: The Perfect Pair this Valentine’s Day

Make the best of the occasion with Lakeview Wine Co. 

With Valentine’s Day quickly approaching, it’s time to pair up the most savoury tastes and enjoy the occasion with loved ones.


Chocolate and wine are two bold tastes that complement each other exceptionally well, especially when paired based on flavour and body. The sweeter a wine is, the sweeter the paired chocolate should be, which is the same for higher cocoa content in chocolate and stronger, red wines.


“There are so many ways to pair wine and chocolate, and often times most pairings will taste great, but finding a wine that complements your favourite chocolate well will give you that wow factor,” says Gillian Minaker, Sommelier at Lakeview Wine Co. “It’s great to experiment with pairings but following the general rule of pairing sweeter chocolate with sweeter wine is the best way to find that perfect match.”


Throughout the month of February, oenophiles and sweet tooths alike can come together to enjoy Days of Wine and Chocolate. Across the Niagara region, wineries will host wine and dessert pairings every weekend for passholders to taste and enjoy. More than 20 VQA wines will be offered throughout the month and paired with chocolatey dishes.


“As the event takes place throughout February, passholders have many opportunities to try out each winery and discover some really exciting taste pairings,” says Gillian Minaker, Sommelier at Lakeview Wine Co. “All participating wineries have something special for every guest, so it really is an event that you don’t want to miss.”


Each winery will offer a unique wine and dessert pairing, allowing guests to experience a variety of great tastes. Lakeview Wine Co. will offer a Red Wine Float- 2016 FRESH Perspectives Satin Red mixed with FRESH Ideas Sparkling Riesling topped with a scoop of dark chocolate-cherry ice cream (V).


To enjoy the most complimentary wine and chocolate pairing, its beneficial to know which combinations will result in the perfect taste. Heavier wines will often pair well with heavier chocolate such as dark chocolate or milk chocolate. Lighter bodied wines including most whites and Icewine will pair well with white chocolate, and even milk chocolate.


Check out this list of Lakeview Wine Co. chocolate pairings to enjoy this Valentine’s Day:


  • Milk chocolate – Lakeview Cellars Merlot 2013
  • Dark chocolate – EastDell Black Label Shiraz 2015
  • White chocolate – FRESH Opportunities Riesling Gewurztraminer 2016
  • Chocolate fondue – EastDell Pinot Noir 2016


Days of Wine & Chocolate will take place each weekend in February from Friday to Sunday, 11 a.m. to 5 p.m. and passes can be purchased online. To learn more about Days of Wine & Chocolate, please visit lakeviewwineco.com.




About Lakeview Wine Co.

A division of Diamond Estates Wines and Spirits Inc., Lakeview Wine Co. is found in the heart of Canada’s premier wine country, Niagara-on-the-Lake. At its state-of-the-art winemaking facility, Lakeview crafts several Ontario VQA wine brands from specially chosen and carefully managed vineyards from more than 25 grape grower partners in the Niagara Peninsula, including Lakeview Cellars, Fresh, EastDell Estates, 20 Bees and the unique McMichael Collection that pays homage to Canada’s famed Group of Seven artists. The Lakeview Wine Co. wine boutique is open daily all year, featuring a selection from each of its brands at the tasting bar. Also available year round is the unique Cellar Floor Experience, a tasting a tour of a 1,000-square-foot space in the heart of the winery where you will sip VQA wines amongst two-storey wine tanks and an ocean of more than 800 wine barrels.






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