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Flo Tea Richmond is located where once Ginger & Garlic Malaysian Restaurant and Grill and Honolulu Café used to operate. Across from Richmond Centre the restaurant is spacious with booth seats and tables. Unfortunately parking isn’t the most convenient and if you don’t arrive before noon, good luck!

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They still serve a lot of the Malaysian food they had from Ginger & Garlic, in addition to Szechuan, mix-and-match combos, and even claypot rice. They have a lot of snacks and a gimmicky Herro Flo combo where you choose your flavour of mayo to be served alongside Crispy Salt and Pepper Chicken and Fries. This is not your typical Taiwanese bubble tea café as you would imagine it to resemble Pearl Castle or Leisure Tea; instead they offer a bit of everything.



Again, I am here at Flo during a busy lunch hour to have catch up with my friend. While waiting for her I pre-ordered the Chinese mushroom and chicken claypot rice. Please note that this takes approx. 20 mins to prepare, so give yourself plenty of time or even call ahead so it is ready when you arrive!
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The portion was quite generous as you can easily serve 4 bowls of rice. Best to share because I ended up packing more than half to go. One thing to watch up for when eating this chicken pot rice is that there are a lot of small broken bones – perhaps the knife skills or the knife itself requires some sharpening! If you find yourself craving claypot rice, you can always head over to James Snack Claypot  for the juicier version.




Kathy ordered the Black Bean Chicken Chow Mein. This came very quick and the noodles were crispy. The sauce itself could use a little more flavouring. This was more than enough for one person and she also had lunch for the next time!
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Black Sesame milk tea, served in a to-go cup with lots of black sesame, but not milky enough. Typically I like to visit Flo on Granville St, I find that their hot almond milk tea is rich and tastiest. I think if the Richmond location can make some minor adjustments it can be a lot more.
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Flo Tea Room 采 Soho Tea Room
URL: https://twitter.com/flotearoom
Cuisine: Bubble Tea, Chinese, Boba

Unit 180, 7777 Westminster Hwy, Richmond, BC V6X 1A4
(604) 273-0838


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