Fine-dining restaurant etiquettes | The not so obvious

Before I even start, I want to state that this is not a post on eating utensil positions, napkins, and the course delivery. This post is about respect, and simple mannerism. You can also say that this is a rant post, whatever the case. I hope you can either learn, or relate to my experiences.




1.)    Be on time: I am notorious for being late for most things of my life, but keeping a restaurant reservation is something I strive for, especially in a fine dining setting. The staff members are waiting for your arrival to serve you. They expect you to be at a certain timeslot so others can be seated in their respective timeslot. Your tardiness is going to slow the operation down.




2.)    Don’t ask for weird condiments: This is quite a controversial topic, here is my take on it. Do you buy an expensive piece of artwork and decided that a couple of brush strokes would enhance the visuals? NO. It is an insult to the chef, the artist, who has carefully constructed the plate for you to have you butcher it with hot sauce.




3.)    Volume: It is not a library by any means, but this is in respect to the atmosphere of the restaurant. It is not snooty to talk quietly. Isn’t it common sense to talk at the same volume as everyone else? Apparently common sense is not so common.


photo (2)


4.)    Cellphone: There are two to three things you do with your cellphone when you are in a fine dining restaurant. Firstly, don’t use it. Second, don’t talk on it. Finally, turn it to silent. I will admit right now that I have texted and checked sports scores on my phone while fine dining. I will make a commitment to stop. I have also witnessed a woman talk on her cellphone throughout the whole dining experience, which has caused me to write this post because I had such a bad experience that night.




5.)    Dress Code: I usually dress like a bum, as casual as I can be. That is more the reason why I dress up in a fine dining restaurant to pay respect to the restaurant. I don’t mean to put a suit on when I go, but at least I won’t be going in my Nike sneakers.



If you have read this, drop us a line and tell us what you think. I am sure there are a lot of similar rants as well. Until next time…




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