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Have you ever dreamed of just paying for one monthly gym membership instead of five? Haven’t we all been there, holding multiple accounts with your yoga studio, spin cycle class, barre class on top of your all-purpose fitness training centre? ClassPass is Coming to Vancouver! It will launch March 11, 2015. Hallelujah!

If you’ve got a few pals you think would love ClassPass, just share this unique purchase link with them – we made it just for you!

Remember: for you to get referral credit, your friends must sign up using your unique purchase link.

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ClassPass offers one pass, unlimited classes to the best fitness studios and gyms in Vancouver. For C$99, you will have your pick of classes to choose from, including cycling, yoga, boxing, pilates, barre, strength training, bootcamp, dance, and so much more. Plus, new studios and classes each are added every week. You will enjoy a little bit of every type of workout with lots of studios in Vancouver.


Reserve and track you fitness routine online and on your phone with the ClassPass Iphone app. So finding a class is easy. Your fitness goal is ahead of you! I’ve already scheduled next week’s class!


The following studios will be offered at the official launch! See you there!

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In case you missed it, Vancouver is named one of the healthiest cities in the world!

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Remember: for you to get referral credit, your friends must sign up using your unique purchase link before March 24th. Here’s that link again:

You can refer AS MANY FRIENDS AS YOU WANT with that same link! Isn’t working out more fun with a fitness buddy to motivate you?

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